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11635Re: Disposable battery taillights review

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  • speedub_nate
    May 1, 2010
      If you're looking for a pleasant group ride experience, I agree, a little coordination might be nice to get an annoying flasher at the back of the pack; I'm cool with not-as-bright solids for the rest.

      But AFAIC, that's not the primary purpose of the flasher. If I'm riding at 10 or 12 MPH and the car behind me is doing 35, I've got less than 10 seconds to get his attention inside of 250 feet. A driver isn't staring at a pitch black road; his eyes are acclimated to the 110 watts his headlights are projecting forward, and a small focused LED powered by a couple of AAA batteries isn't going to faze him.

      --- In rootsradicals@yahoogroups.com, Liam Casey <zyzzyva23@...> wrote:
      > The only one of these models I'm familiar with is the Superflash, and
      > I find them incredibly annoying: what might have been a calm, pleasant
      > night ride with a stranger turns into an overwhelming desire to pass
      > them ASAP to get away from that blinding light. While I certainly
      > understand the importance of being bright enough to be seen, I also
      > think it's important to not blind the person behind you, and that you
      > don't need the visual equivalent of a siren to get noticed. Doing so
      > is as likely to make a driver want to pass you as quickly as possible
      > as it is to make them hold back.

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