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1135Re: [rootsradicals] Thanks, Alex and Lisa, & tandems, teaching kids

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  • Derek Pearson
    Jun 14, 2007
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      I don't see any appeal in tandems, especially for what they cost. When he gets too big to ride on the back, make him take you to school. Get a nice pad for the
      back and catch up on your reading while he takes you up the hill in the mornings :)

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      Subject: [rootsradicals] Thanks, Alex and Lisa, & tandems, teaching kids

      Thanks for sharing how well the tandems are working for you both.  Cute picture, Lisa!


      Funny, before we had a kid, my husband was trying to get me to ride tandem with him, but I always refused.  Stubborn independent streak in me, I guess.   Now I've got a kid with that same quality, who didn't like the trail-a-bike (which I called trailer-bike in my first post) because he wanted to be in control! 


      My son learned to ride a 2-wheeler when he was 4 ½ (we skipped training wheels and I taught him on a really small bike on which his feet could always touch the ground).  A month after he learned, he blew out a tire by speeding down hills and then screeching to a stop.  My little speed demon.  So for the past 5 years, I've been like a drill sergeant when we ride together.  He rides in front of me on the sidewalk, and I quiz him on what he needs to do and be thinking about as we approach intersections, pedestrians, wet leaves, etc.  We talk a lot about what the automobile drivers are thinking about (not us, most likely) and how to make sure we have their attention.  I hope it will all sink in…



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