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1130Re: intro & Q re: hauling bigger kid and his bike

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  • alexbknight
    Jun 14, 2007
      I know we are all into Xtracycles in this group, but maybe a tandem
      is a better configuration for your needs? YOu would need to think
      about how many groceries you want to carry, but it sounds like he
      could be a lot of help with you riding for the whole trip rather than
      a dead weight, plus he'll be learning about how you ride in traffic.
      You can get "kiddie kranks" to fit a tandem which mean you don't need
      to buy a specialist tandem with a small rear frame.

      Riding on your own, shouldn't mean much more weight than an xtracycle

      I have two young children so I am getting into the configuration you
      mention, but at some point I assume they'll outgrow that and I am
      planning to go to the tandem solution.

      http://www.tandem-club.org.uk/ might have more information on this.


      --- In rootsradicals@yahoogroups.com, "alligator33333"
      <jvoulgaris1@...> wrote:
      > I just learned about Xtracycle in a Co-op America newsletter, then
      > some additional researching about it on the Internet. WOW! I'm
      > really intrigued. I'll try to get down to Aaron's Bike Shop soon to
      > check them out live (I'm in the Seattle area).
      > I've got a great trailer (Cycle Tote), but my son has long grown out
      > of the kid-seat setup, and trailers aren't fun on sidewalks where I
      > ride with my son. We need to be on the sidewalks because so many
      > roads around my area have traffic that is too fast and/or heavy to
      > safe, even with bike lanes. (I rode for years in New York City, so
      > I'm a road warrior. But having been hit by a car once, in the
      > no less, I don't want a repeat of that experience, especially now
      > I'm a parent). Even my husband bikes on the sidewalks in many
      > My son didn't like the trailer-bike, preferring to be on his own
      > I didn't like it either, with my small frame bike (I'm 5'3") and
      > squirming around. The trailer-bike didn't bother my husband too
      > (he's 5'11" and so rides a much larger frame), but as I said, our
      > likes his independence! A friend of mine has an attachment that can
      > link the child's bike to the parent's bike (Tail-gator? or something
      > like that), but my son is now too big for that.
      > So, I'd love to do more cycling (errands, taking my son to school,
      > maybe some touring). My son is an enthusiastic bicyclist, but rides
      > hard for a brief time and then poops out. Which leads me to my
      > question: can I realistically haul my 9 year old (who is 4'5" and
      > growing fast) plus his bike (which has 20" wheels, but soon will
      > graduate to 24")? If so, what kind of distances are we talking
      > His school is 7 miles away, flat except for a killer hill at the
      > mile. Presumably he will ride some portion of that, but let's say he
      > isn't feeling well when I pick him up at the end of the day.
      > Shopping/library/etc is 2 hilly miles away. If I'm hauling him and
      > his bike, will I also be able to carry other stuff, like some
      > books or a bag of groceries?
      > Many thanks!!
      > Justina
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