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11120Re: [rootsradicals] Xtracycle vs. Smart Car?

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  • MH
    Mar 3, 2010
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      ....how many people can be stuffed into one Smart Car....

      World Guiness Record of most people stuffed into a Smart Car

      -Mark Hoagy

      Jenni Ertl wrote:
      > As I was leaving Costco on Saturday (riding my Xtracycle, of course!), a
      > Smart Car was on the way in. My first thought was. "bet she can't fit much
      > in that!" Which is what I'm sure people think when they see me ride up on my
      > bike! So I got thinking.which can hold more? Xtracycle (with WideLoaders
      > and/or Long Loaders) or Smart Car?

      > This is what I found on the Smart Car Website:
      > Luggage compartment capacity 7.8 (up to beltline)/12 (to roof) cu. ft.
      > Found on a Smart Car board that the dimensions are 39" wide x 27" tall x 21"
      > deep (to roof)
      > Any thoughts on which can haul more cargo?

      > I don't have measurements for any of my big loads. L But looking at the
      > pictures I had taken and guesstimating what else could fit.I think the
      > Xtracycle could easily come close or match what can fit in the cargo space
      > in the Smart Car!
      > Anyone have a Smart Car or a friend with one that you could have a cargo
      > contest with?
      > -Jenni in SC
      > Xtracycle
      > Wideloaders
      > eZee Hub
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