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11086Re: [rootsradicals] Storage solution

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  • jj
    Feb 28, 2010
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      has details on making them, including a GREAT pdf.

      Natural food stores will have buckets as well.


      Elaine Nelson wrote:
      > As far as removing the labels, there's at least one brand around here
      > (Fred Meyer generic, IIRC) that just uses a wrap-around band. There's
      > also the other option of just covering the darn things with stickers.
      > :)
      > Someplace I have a link for how to set up the buckets to hook onto a
      > (normal bike) rack -- I have a set like that, which I bought at a yard
      > sale years ago for like $10, and used on my old bike. The nifty thing
      > about those is that they have a loop bolted onto the lid, which makes
      > them MUCH easier to snap off!
      > If you don't have cats, find a friend who does...those of us with
      > several cats seem to get lots of buckets piled up after a while. :)
      > You'll definitely make a friend offering to take them off of someone's
      > hands!
      > Elaine Nelson
      > http://elainenelson.org/ <http://elainenelson.org/>
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