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1088Re: [rootsradicals] Horn or Hey!

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  • murray
    May 23, 2007
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      I think this is a case of horses for courses.
      I think you guys are talking about riding in city traffic which is relativley slow. I ride mainly on rural roads where traffic is travelling at 100kph. Yelling 'hey' to vehicles travelling at those speeds does very little.

      On 5/24/07, David Chase <dr2chase@...> wrote:

      I agree entirely. This was well put. I once accidentally discharged
      an Air Zound close behind a jogger, and I was mortified with

      On 2007-05-23, at 12:49 PM, Paul Freedman wrote:
      > On the subject of horns, I wrote this blog post on Rock The Bike!
      > We've thought about selling airhorns at Rock the Bike, but decided
      > against it for two reasons...
      Except I counted four reasons.


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