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1079Re:Down Low Glow

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  • Ian Hopper
    May 22, 2007
      Get the single tube if you want longer life, the double if you want more glow. Of course, you can get more batteries too... or you could wire up your own system ( I have a Blue 2 tube DLG on SuperVato (my Xtracycle/Stokemonkey bike), and a homebrew system on my burning man bike.) They both work equally well and are equally bright, but I spent about $30 on my homebrew version. You just have to be willing to tinker a little w/ the batteries, wires, etc. I usually get my materials from Electronics Plus in San Rafael, CA (if I can't wait: the prices there are STEEP) or at http://vibelights.com/ . The vibelights guys are also burners, so don't order around the end of august.

      The DLG is great b/c it's turnkey and slick, but you pay the price. Paul's a great guy, and good rapper too. I bought his stuff b/c it's good and I like supporting him. He'd probably tell you though that the DLG isn't that hard to make, it's just labor intensive. Oh.. and I got mine used from another member here. 

      You can email me if you have questions and I'll do my best to help you out.

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