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1075RE: [rootsradicals] Down Low Glow

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  • M.E. Martin
    May 21 5:53 AM
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      Hey Paula,

      I'd go with dual, assuming the money is there. Here in Baton Rouge car is
      king to the point that we're truly car sick and getting worse.

      However, when the local motor vehicle operators are given warning by way of
      a well-lit bicycle they tend to behave better, on the whole. There's always
      that 2 - 5% who are too drunk, too self-centered, or too angry to expect
      much of other than bad behavior; please don't rely too much on the lights.

      Besides, floating in a larger pool of cool, cool light - who can have enough
      of that?

      Mark in BRLA

      >From: "paulamcconnellbks" <paulamcconnellbks@...>
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      >To: rootsradicals@yahoogroups.com
      >Subject: [rootsradicals] Down Low Glow
      >Date: Mon, 21 May 2007 01:15:10 -0000
      >I'm about to order my DLG for my newly free-radicalled bike (still in
      >the shop). I can't decide between single or dual tube. I'm on the
      >east coast in a very car-centric city - very aggressive drivers. Any

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