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  • Ellen Stoune Duralia
    May 18, 2007
      Re: [rootsradicals] Touring Judging by the photos, you had a fantastic trip. And your dog looks like such a world traveler! Thanks for sharing :)

      On 5/17/07 4:04 PM, "murray" <murrayneill@...> wrote:


      My friend and I have just finished a tour around the South Island of New Zealand by xtra and I can tell you they make a great touring platform. I even carried my dog (a 7kg fox terrier) for the entire 39 day trip.
      I uploaded around 500 photos of the trip via my cellphone which you can view here...

      http://flickr.com/photos/84834610@N00/sets/72157600058035927/  <http://flickr.com/photos/84834610@N00/sets/72157600058035927/>

      The xtra's carry capacity and the fact that the weight is all kept low makes it an excellent choice for touring. Every other cycle tourist we met along the way, especailly the ones who had used trailers were blown away by the xtracycles.

      I'm not sure about the smaller wheels but if they do fit definately go with an xtracycle!


      On 5/18/07, stakewebsis < orangewalk@... <mailto:orangewalk@...> > wrote:


      Hi xtracyclers. I am relatively new to the world of cycling, and I'm
      having trouble finding much info on the xtracycle outside of a local
      commuting context.

      I have a month long Canada > Mexico trip coming up fairly soon, and I
      own a Trek 1500 with 650 wheels. I'm trying to figure out if getting an
      xtracycle would be the way to make the journey--I'm hoping it would, but
      as I said, I just don't have enough info.

      Can anyone weigh in and let me know:

      Is it compatible with smaller (650) wheels?
      Is it advisable to set it up this way?

      My forum inquiries have not received responses, and it's getting time to
      make a decision.

      Thanks so much!



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