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  • davidmoskovitz
    May 17, 2007
      > a Trek 1500 with 650 wheels.

      ...is not a particularly good match for a xtracycle, ATMO. the 1500
      is a pretty stright foward road bike, yes?

      I have no experience with xtracycle'd road bikes, but several with a
      converted mtn bike. The additional stress on the frame and wheels,
      the wheels in particular, is too great. Even with a reguar mtn bike
      set up, the extended wheelbase makes it harder to move your weight
      around. On a regular bike, you can move back and "unweight" the
      front wheel as it goes over a bump, and then move foward
      and "unweight" the rear as it follows. Most people do this without
      thinking about it, we just learn to do it from experience. On the
      xtracycle, it's much harder, if not impossible to do this. As a
      consequence, I like to run big cushy tires, 26x2.5, both for
      comfort, and to protect the rims. On a road bike with std brakes,
      you'll be lucky to get a 700x28. And the rims are narrower/more
      fragile. Your wheels are 650c, right? (There are 650a and 650b
      too.) A typical 26" mountain bike wheel has a rim diameter 12mm
      smaller even than your 650c rims, and significantly wider. I guess
      with a big fat tire, the diameter would be larger than your road

      There was a discussion of xtracycling on the Kogswell yahoo group
      (search for "KOG") a little while back in which someone posted their
      displeasure with the ride of a 700c road bike-xtracycle, saying the
      handling was sketchy. I don't know if it has to do with the rim
      size, tire size, frame geometry, or something else. The discussion
      ended seemed to conclude that smaller wheels and wider tire are
      good, and that stout frames are important for carrying loads.

      I'd recommend a mtn bike with slicks, or a touring bike, before
      putting a xtracycle on your road bike.--David
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