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1058Re: [rootsradicals] Touring

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  • David Chase
    May 17, 2007
      On 2007-05-17, at 3:18 PM, stakewebsis wrote:
      > I have a month long Canada > Mexico trip coming up fairly soon, and I
      > own a Trek 1500 with 650 wheels. I'm trying to figure out if
      > getting an
      > xtracycle would be the way to make the journey--I'm hoping it
      > would, but
      > as I said, I just don't have enough info.
      > Can anyone weigh in and let me know:
      > Is it compatible with smaller (650) wheels?
      > Is it advisable to set it up this way?
      I got my info from the Trek website, and from Sheldon Brown

      It might fit. 650c is ISO 571mm, which is smaller than 700c (622mm)
      and larger than 26-inch (559mm). The issues for you will be:

      (1) brake choice.

      The FreeRadical sizes differ in where they located their
      brake mounts, which are intended for V-brakes, perhaps also
      cantilevers. This might not work (yours is different) but
      if you got (a) the disk-brake kit and (b) an inline Travel
      Agent (to convert your road-brake pull into a disk-brake
      pull) that will work. You would need to also buy a
      disk-equipped rear wheel. Don't sweat the 650c vs 26"
      front-to-rear -- you can fix the diameter difference with
      a larger tire, and you'll just need to carry two spares.

      That problem is solvable, then.

      (2) is your frame too close-built?

      The FreeRadical attaches at the "kickstand plate" (you may
      not have one) and at the rear axle. This distance had
      better be long enough. You do not need a kickstand, you
      can use a pair of FAPs (Fat Aluminum Plate, I think it
      stands for).

      You may be ok here because you are 12mm bigger than a
      26 inch tire. You can measure this distance, someone
      on the list can measure their distance, post pictures, etc.

      (3) is your rear axle width correct? I thought road and MTB were

      This info is available online, I have not looked it up yet,
      your frame looks to be aluminum so this might be a show-stopper
      if it does not fit.

      Maybe someone else knows the answer to this one.

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