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  • stakewebsis
    May 17, 2007
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      Hi xtracyclers. I am relatively new to the world of cycling, and I'm
      having trouble finding much info on the xtracycle outside of a local
      commuting context.

      I have a month long Canada > Mexico trip coming up fairly soon, and I
      own a Trek 1500 with 650 wheels. I'm trying to figure out if getting an
      xtracycle would be the way to make the journey--I'm hoping it would, but
      as I said, I just don't have enough info.

      Can anyone weigh in and let me know:

      Is it compatible with smaller (650) wheels?
      Is it advisable to set it up this way?

      My forum inquiries have not received responses, and it's getting time to
      make a decision.

      Thanks so much!
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