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10414Re: [rootsradicals] Re:Hub motor or stokemonkey?

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  • jj
    Jan 1, 2010
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      Todd from Clever wrote:
      > I also removed the foot retention "requirement" from the product's
      > warnings some months ago. I admit that my motivation in putting that
      > in in the first place was partly to filter out potential customers who
      > I feared might not be experienced enough bikers to use SM safely.
      > Heck, maybe that warning was a secret appeal to hard-riding
      > early-adopter types whose feedback I sought. After many years of
      > riders of many skill levels and no injuries reported, well, I've relaxed.

      Don't believe it: He still comes out and pokes at our Stoked X's
      whenever we swing by the shop :-D

      Seriously, Todd has created an amazingly user friendly tool.

      My wife had 3 heart attacks in 2002, dropped dead (and was revived in
      2006) and clocked hundreds of miles on her stoked X in 2009. It
      alleviates the fear of being "stuck", unable to get home when she is at
      the bottom of the hill near our house. Even if she is using the max
      power from the stoke, and is barely able to pedal, she can get home. Oh,
      and she lost 20+ lbs this year, to boot (we think she lost more, but
      that is the stated amount by her cardiologist.)

      I bought a Stoke to keep up with HER, but I found it to be very very
      useful for almost everything, from giving strangers rides at Farmers
      Market, to hauling home xmas shopping, to riding in the WNBR and helping
      folks on bike-moves.

      When our kids are old enough for a car, they get a Stoked BigDummy
      instead. Much more useful.


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