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10413Re: [rootsradicals] Re:Hub motor or stokemonkey?

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  • Mark Garvey
    Jan 1, 2010
      > Maybe this takes you far afield, but there are some nice little gas motors that are made to mount to bikes. I suspect these provide a heck of lot more power (yes, and noise) than the electrics yet are still hugely efficient--100-200 MPG. After all,  all you need is a comparatively small boost. Worth considering maybe.

      I am not opposed to gasoline motors..far from it.  But something to consider here.  I run an e-assist on my Xtracycle and for what I need, it is EXACTLY the right thing.  At the moment, I really need a new charger (Currie 24V) but that is beside the point.

      If you want to Run gas..I would consider seriously picking up one of the small motorcycles or scooters that are readily available on both the new and used market.  I own and have owned, a 1985 Honda 125S since 1995. I paid something less than $300 for it.  It is entirely street legal, insurance is about $45 a year these days.  License is around $10 (Iowa) I can run it on ANY highway in the state and all back roads as well.  It can maintain 50-60 mph if that becomes Necessary.

      There are NO fiddly bits to tweak.  I just get on, put the key in and kick start it.  all the engineering is figured out for me.  It works perfectly and always has.  I did once check through a few tanks full of gas (89 octaine 10% ethanol)  just to get a rough idea of the fuel economy.  It manages a bit over 100 mpg with my fat butt aboard.  My cost for OPERATING it for a year is something around $100 INCLUDING License and insurance!  and it is FAR from being the most economical of the small motorcycles out there.  It is practical, useful and handy.

      I am not saying that gas engines on bicycles are not workable.  What I AM saying is that there are good alternatives that are gas powered IF THAT IS WHAT YOU WANT, that are already engineered and all the questions answered for you.  You don't have to reinvent anything at all.

      Do what you like.  But if I am going Mogas, I will take a motorcycle like my Honda over any cobbled together piece.  All the fiddly stuff is DONE and there are no questions on legality or anything else.

      Bicycles are BICYCLES.  I like a small electric assist yes.  But I think that GASOLINE engines somewhat defeat the purpose!

      As I said, THIS is just my opinion...NOT a definitive answer for anyone.  All I can say about electric assist is that the Currie that I have suits my needs EXTREMELY well.  Unfortunately, they are no longer available in kit form.  But I still like mine a great deal!

      Papa Balloon

      Family FUN!.....with a twist!

      Papa Balloon
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