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10293RE: [rootsradicals] Music on a Bike

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  • Tone
    Dec 9 3:37 AM
      That DeWalt worksite radio/stereo is not waterproof or water resistant,
      is it? I would not think so, but I thought I would ask. I would hate to
      buy one then have it get accidentally rained on while on the back of the
      As it is, I already have a bunch of cordless DeWalt tools in my arsenal
      (hammer drill, grinder, saws-all, circular saw, jig saw, flex-light,
      wet/dry vac, two chargers & four batteries), so from time to time I have
      considered getting their radio/stereo. If it was at least water
      resistant, then that would probably seal the deal.
      I do have a very portable stereo system, which is pretty sweet looking
      and provides nice base sound, called the KaBoom Box from JVC. The one I
      have is an older model of this one:
      I primarily use it as my computer speaker system, but it is really
      portable with its rugged side-end handles and comfortable carrying strap.
      The unit is so sturdy I have actually sat on it like a stool while it
      stood on end. Despite how beefy it is though, it is not water resistant.

      By the way, if anyone uses DeWalt cordless tools I recently discovered
      some major money savings regarding their batteries. If you have one of
      their dead or dying batteries, you can bring it into a “Batteries Plus”
      shop (http://www.batteriesplus.com) and they will completely rebuild it
      with higher-powered/longer-lasting cells inside and it will cost you at
      least 1/2 the cost of buying a new replacement battery. I actually had
      three dead/dying batteries and it cost me $128.97 (+ $7.74 tax) in total,
      or $42.99 for each battery rebuild. A new 18v DeWalt battery costs $90,
      and some places even have two pack deals for $120, but if you already
      have some dead batteries lying around rebuilding the batteries is the way
      to go!
      Something else I asked about at Batteries Plus is whether they could
      build me a replacement battery for my dual-tube Down Low Glow. They took
      a look at it and said they could rebuild it with better cells and even
      add a couple more cells if I wanted for less than $40. I still have a
      decent life in my DLG battery, but it is nice to know I can get a hook up
      nearby. For me there is a Batteries Plus shop only five minutes away by

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