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10244Re: [rootsradicals] Now recumbents can join the fun!

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  • Andy Cohen
    Dec 1 8:10 AM
      Yes, you're in a very vulnerable position after cresting a hill, because you've just become invisible to following cars. Some recommend crossing over to the left lane for a while after cresting a hill, to stay out of that particular "kill zone."

         - Andy

      On Tue, Dec 1, 2009 at 7:18 AM, Tone <tone@...> wrote:

      [...] the other day I was on my Big Dummy after just
      coming over a hill and an SUV sped up behind me and nearly hit me because
      they almost did not see me over the hood of their car after coming over
      the hill. I was unloaded at the time, so I did not have any long cargo
      for them to hit, but if I had been on a tri-cycle recumbent like the
      CargoMonster with its wider wheel base and lower visibility threshold, I
      would hate to think what might have happened.

      Ride safe,

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