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10243RE: [rootsradicals] Re:Looking for a cheap way to build a loaner.

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  • Tone
    Dec 1, 2009
      I imagine you could actually easily modify those standard conduit clamps
      you bought to act like normal snap-hooks by simply cutting them down a
      little. I would worry a little about using a conduit clamp with a single
      screw hole because there really is not anything to stop such a modified
      the clamp from rotating around the screw. It might be easy enough to cut
      in around the edges of the clamp and bend them down to form “teeth”,
      which would bite into the snap deck to prevent rotation around the screw.
      If you look at the snap-pieces from Xtracycle you will see they have
      small pins, which perform this purpose.
      By the way, my impression of the snap deck is that its strength at
      staying snapped in place is more a question of how compressed between the
      slightly-spread V-racks it is than how screwed in the snap-hooks are. I
      find the removability of the snap-deck is a major strength because it
      allows me to conveniently access the space between my Freeloaders to
      adjust my rear disc brake, brush off built up muck/ice on my rear fender,
      or inspect my rear tire for punctures/etc. without having to get down on
      the ground or tip over the bike.
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