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10241Re:Looking for a cheap way to build a loaner.

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  • stitzljq
    Nov 30, 2009
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      I recently made myself a pair of V-racks and WideLoaders... it really was quite easy. I ended up buying a conduit bender (under 30$) and doing it myself, but I know that's not for everyone.

      As far as attaching the Snapdeck, I bought conduit clamps ( I think that's what they're called)... in the Electrical supply aisle at the hardware store, right next to where I bought the conduit itself. The clamps are just U shaped pieces of steel that are made to fit around a specific diameter of tubing. They have one or two tabs on the sides, with holes to put screws through. Of course, if you screw the Snapdeck to the V-racks, it's not coming off easily... but in my case I prefer strength over removability. Anyway, I bought a six pack of the clamps for under 2$. Definitely an economical solution :0)

      Here's what they look like: http://www.ted-kyte.com/3D/Pictures/Conduit%20Clamp.jpg

      - Joel

      --- In rootsradicals@yahoogroups.com, Zoe Neal <zoeneal@...> wrote:
      > Wes,
      > I find myself in a similar situation; I've recently upgraded to a B.D. and
      > now have an extra freeradical with no accessories. I've been told by a
      > credible source that the v-racks can be easily home made with 7/8" conduit
      > and a conduit bender. Tomorrow I plan to drop by an electronics supply
      > store and see if they can't make me another set of v-Racks (and maybe 2
      > pairs of wideloaders while they're at it). I'll let you know how that
      > goes. If this works out I've several friends who are handy with a sewing
      > machine and should be able make something similar to the freeloader bags.
      > The snapdeck should be easy except for the hooks that bolt to the bottom.
      > Has anyone come up with a good home-made solution?
      > -Zoe
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