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10133Re: [rootsradicals] Lighting: in praise of the Down Low Glow!

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  • Rick Pickett
    Nov 5, 2009

      On Nov 5, 2009, at 1:44 PM, dianedouglas8 wrote:


      Hello Roots Radicals,

      After last weekend's time shift backward off daylight savings, many of us are commuting home from jobs during a much darker time of the day. Although I've seen threads supporting this blinky vs. that front strobe; I wanted to give a personal shout out to my favorite new light system, the Down Low Glow from Rock the Bike.

      Commuting around town in DC, I can say that this thing really works! Not only do people now see me, they stop and stare at the lovely blue glow beneath my BD.

      I don't have much experience with rechargeable battery based light systems, but I'll try to give everyone updates as I use it.

      I had a couple of questions I wanted to pose to the group:

      Considering the effect cold weather has on rechargeable batteries, do others remove their battery at night? (Particularly if you store your Xtras in an unheated area.)

      I keep mine indoors, so can't say.

      Should I be concerned with charge memory effects on the batteries?

      Like any battery, a full discharge is a no-no. A dual tube setup lasts 2-hours roughly, so, keep it at that or under and you should be fine. 3-hour for a single tube I think.

      What's the best way to keep my glow bright and long-lasting?

      Keep the tube clean and scratch free.

      Washington, DC
      (..Who's praying he doesn't run over a tea-bagger on the way home!)

      Rick "Rockin' the Dual Tube DLG" Pickett
      Oakland, CA

      "Life is like a ten speed bicycle. Most of us have gears we never use."  – Charles Schulz

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