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10076RE: [rootsradicals] Minimally lockable cargo area?

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  • Tone
    Oct 27, 2009
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      I am surprised no one has mentioned this yet because it has definitely
      been discussed on RootsRadicals in the past. You can buy an appropriately
      size hard plastic lockable tool box, similar industrial-strength storage
      bin, or even a lockable cooler at any Home Depot or Lowes for around
      $20-$40. Here are just some really quick not-totally-ideaI examples I
      just found online:

      I know both stores tend to carry more and better options at their
      locations than I just presented. I actually have a rolling thick plastic
      tool box, which has a hole in the lip of its lid to slide your own choice
      of lock through. I would say it is large and deep enough to fit at least
      two or three grocery bags. I have not bothered to actually use it for
      carrying stuff on the side of my Big Dummy/Xtracycle yet, but if the need
      arises it is there for me.
      Obviously, if your tool box/bin is locked closed you might also have to
      worry about someone simply carrying off the whole box. All you have to do
      to lower the risk is to drill some small holes to run either eye-bolts,
      U-bolts, hose clamps, or locks through the back side of the box.
      Naturally the holes have to be aligned with the vertical uprights of the
      V-racks. It is also preferable to have a Wide Loader underneath the box
      to support its weight and possibly offer another set of locking points to
      run bolts through the box’s bottom.
      One nice benefit to using such a box is that in most cases the box pretty
      much protects its contents from the bulk of possible bad weather. If
      there is a super downpour there may be the slight chance of water
      dripping into the box and possibly pooling at the bottom. This is yet
      another reason why having the second set of securing points through the
      bottom of the box is a good idea. The holes for the securing bolts also
      act as drainage holes.
      Of course you could actually use a “Pelican” waterproof case like this one:
      However, for over $300 a thief might want to steal only your case,
      especially since you probably will not want to drill securing holes in
      such an expensive case, thus voiding any warranty, even if you did make
      your drilled holes water-tight. In my opinion a $40 tool box/bin is a
      much more affordable and realistic solution.
      Just as an additional idea to note, if you intend on riding around with
      the secure box on an occasional basis, you could secure more permanent
      eye-bolts, hose clamps, or u-bolts through the bottom of the box to a
      wide-loader. That way you could slide out your wide-loader and detach
      your security box along with it. When you want to reconnect it you slide
      the wide-loader back on, with the box still attached. However, to secure
      the box and wide-loader to your bike further you could then use simple
      cheap keyed-alike locks or combo locks through the back side of the box
      and around the V-rack upright posts.
      Hope this idea helps,

      ps - If this e-mail was sent twice, then I apologize. My web-based e-mail
      window seemed like it may have timed out and gave me a warning.
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