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10057Re: [rootsradicals] Minimally lockable cargo area?

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  • Sarah Hunter
    Oct 25, 2009
      Hi Andy --

      Here is my (very awkward) solution. Get the largest "pac safe" you can (here, or at your local camping store, REI, etc). Warning: these aren't cheap.

      It is a pain to get over the snap deck and around the cargo -- especially if it's big, but here are two pictures.
      general idea and closeup.  There are more in the album if you're really curious. I think all the pac-safe does is to deter the casual thief and make it clear that someone is going in the bike.  Usually it's more of a pain to use than it is to unload and reload. My favorite solution now is that if some kid's group is selling something outside, I ask them to watch my cargo (I still lock my bike) in exchange for a purchase.

      Let us know if you get a better solution

      Sarah H.

      On Sun, Oct 25, 2009 at 8:27 AM, Andy <acohen1644@...> wrote:

      Is there any somewhat lockable cargo solution for the Xtracycle? I'd like to be able to shop at two different stores, without having to hand-carry all of my purchases from the first store into the second store for safekeeping. I don't plan on holding anything particularly valuable in the cargo area, and I don't plan on leaving it locked up overnight - I just don't want passersby grabbing my groceries.

      Thanks for any recommendations,


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