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RE: [rootingdcplanning] 10/21 meeting minutes

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  • Farrah, Mary
    Hi Bea, Just back in the area after my break and catching up on emails.... I can come to the meeting on the 18th and as far as committees, I can do outreach
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      Hi Bea,

      Just back in the area after my break and catching up on  emails…. I can come to the meeting on the 18th and as far as committees, I can do outreach or food. I’d be happy to distribute flyers to the community gardens, libraries and rec. centers. In areas that have been underserved, a good way to get information to people is through churches and beauty shops. We could also get an advert to run on the UDC e-newsletter “Firebirds on the Fly”. Just some ideas that popped into my mind.




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      Despite what I told Katie at DC Teachers Night last night, why don't I give outreach a crack.

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      Hi everyone,


      At our first meeting last week we discussed our plan to have point people and committees for more efficient planning of Rooting DC 2010.  Please look over the following list, and reply with what area you'd like to help out in.




      ·                    Food

      Menu; In-kind donations as needed; coordinate any volunteer prep labor needed(?), transportation/setup (fridge space), plates/cups/etc, coffee/tea/water station, layout of food

      ·                    Sponsorships

      How is a sponsor defined? What do they have to do to qualify as such? Develop list of potential sponsors, write & distribute sponsorship letter, provide list of sponsors with levels (if app.) for website

      ·                    Outreach [Judy Tiger can help]

      Publicizing to off-line communities

      ·                    PR/Branding [Greg can connect RDC to some graphics/tech people]

      Logo design, press release, tshirts/stickers(????)


      Point People

      ·                    Speakers [Kathy] (serve as point of contact for speakers – coordinate AV needs, etc)

      ·                    Equipment/In-kind Donations (AV, tables, catering stuff)

      ·                    Pre-Registration/Day-of Registration [Kristina] (lots of alphabetized lists…..)

      ·                    Volunteer Coordinator (for day-of volunteers)

      ·                    Tabler Overseer (invite organizations, determine amount of space for each, ensure there’s enough tables, communicate to participants how much space, what time to set up, break down, sign-in, no selling, etc)

      ·                    Raffle (find prizes for the raffle, tickets, rules, cash box, logistics, etc)


      We also discussed:

      * possible avenues of collaboration with the new Food for All blog

      * the potential of Michael Twitty being one of the keynote speakers [there is a $250 honorarium in the grant funding we received for each of 2 specialists in cultural diversity in agriculture to speak at RDC]

      * methodology and logistics for pre- and post-testing attendees with a simple survey as they enter (they turn it in to get lunch) and a brief evaluation survey which they turn in at the end for their free pair of gloves

      * whether the HSW will allow cooking demonstrations; Kathy is checking on this

      * outreach strategies to increase buy-in from & attendance by lower-income communities


      Next meeting date:

      Wednesday November 18, 5-7pm at ABF office (725 15th St NW, Suite 605)


      Agenda: discuss topics for workshops/presentations; propose keynote speakers; fully assign above committees/point people


      PLEASE REPLY whether or not you plan to attend so we can reserve the conference room if necessary...



      Bea Trickett

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