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See The Garden Tonight for Free

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  • LaserBlast@aol.com
    Late notice, I won t be making it tonight, but hoping any of you that missed The Garden in past screenings or at the recent theatrical run at E Street will be
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      Late notice, I won't be making it tonight, but hoping any of you that missed The Garden in past screenings or at the recent theatrical run at E Street will be able to get a chance to view it tonight.

      >>>>My name is Jen Johnson, and I'm writing from Screening Liberally on behalf of America’s Future Now. As you may know, their yearly Conference to Take America Forward is June 1-3. In addition to exhibits, meetings, and receptions, we have a special film program Monday, June 1st at 8pm that is free and open to the public.
      We will be screening and discussing three new documentary films, and some of the filmmakers will be present to introduce the films, answer audience questions, and lead engaging discussions.
      We’d love to see you and your network at the screening of "The Garden." We hope you’ll consider posting the screening information below on your site, or emailing it to colleagues and email lists. Any help spreading the word is much appreciated. Thanks -- feel free to contact us with any questions.
      1) "Torturing Democracy"
      Monday, June 1 @ 8pm
      Omni Shoreham Hotel - Ambassador Ballroom
      Description: "Torturing Democracy" relies on the documentary record to connect the dots in an investigation of harsh interrogations of prisoners in U.S. custody - and points straight to the top. Timely and powerful, at its hea rt the film is about the rule of law - and how the government pushed it aside despite the fierce resistance of many on the inside http://torturingdemocracy.org/
      2) "The Garden"
      Monday, June 1 @ 8pm
      Omni Shoreham Hotel - The Hampton Room
      Description: The Garden follows the plight of farmers of a community garden in South Central Los Angeles, from the tilled soil to the polished marble of City Hall. Mostly immigrants from Latin America, from countries where they feared for their lives if they were to speak out, we watch them organize, fight back, and demand answers: Why was the land sold to a wealthy developer for millions less than fair-market value? Why was the transaction done in a closed-door session of the LA City Council? Why has it never been made public?
      And the powers-that-be have the same response: "The garden is wonderful, but there is nothing more we can do." If everyone told you nothing more could be done, would you give up?
      3) "Unnatural Causes: Is Inequality Making Us Sick?"
      Monday, June 1 @ 8pm
      Omni Shoreham Hotel - Palladian Room
      Description: UNNATURAL CAUSES: Is Inequality Making Us Sick? is the award-winning documentary series broadcast by PBS that sounds the alarm about our huge and alarming socio-economic and racial inequities in health
      and searches for their causes. And those causes are not what we might expect.
      Jen Johnson<<<<

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