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185Agenda for tomorrow

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  • Sarah Bernardi
    Aug 7, 2012

      Rooting DC 2013 Preliminary Planning Meeting Agenda


      1. Discussion/decisions on:

      • date
      • venue – looking at Wilson High School
      • sponsorship plan
      • fundraisers – should we eliminate the multiple happy hours and focus the energy in one big one, farther in advance?
      • Program advertising?


      2. Discussion of what worked really well last year/what could change


      3. Brainstorm:

      • Keynote speaker
      • Panels
      • Workshops –which ones are obvious repeats, and any new ideas that might add a new element?

      Sarah Bernardi
      Director of Programs
      DC Greens

      As of July 1, DC Greens is the new nonprofit home of the D.C. Farm to School Network!