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170Minutes from 1-23 meeting, and planning timeline

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  • Bea Trickett
    Jan 24, 2012
    See attached for the full meeting minutes.  I'm pasting the general timeline of what we need to get done when below as well (also at the end of the minutes in attachment)

    Rooting DC 2012 Timeline


    THIS WEEK (Jan 23-27):

    Dario – translate flyer to Spanish

    Fundraising team: All sponsor letters sent/delivered
    Katie: sign contract with DCCK for catering
    Sarah: invite all possible tablers

    Outreach team: Hang flyer up everywhere

    PR Team: Press release

    Bea: finalize speakers

    Bea: finalize A/V needs

    Bea & Katie: Finalize pre-registration process, inc childcare process

    Kristin: start recruiting day-of volunteers


    NEXT WEEK (Jan 30th to Feb 3rd):

    Jan 30th: open pre-registration

    Jan 31st: deadline for donating auction prizes

    Feb 2nd: RDC HAPPY HOUR!!!
    Feb 3rd: deadline for orgs to reply regarding tabling

    Feb 3rd: deadline for businesses to reply regarding vending & sponsorship
    Feb 3rd: deadline for speaker bios, get program info to Rebecca (Bea)

    Feb 3rd: develop attendee pre/post tests (Bea)

    Feb 3rd: figure out remaining equipment rental needs based on committed sponsorships (Bea)

    Week of Feb 6th:

    By Feb 10th: program layout finalized (Rebecca)

    Feb 10th??: close pre-registration [not a hard date]

    Week of Feb 13th: [more info coming soon]

    Bea: print out pre-registration lists

    Katie: photocopy program

    B&K: buy everything

    B&K: get all the materials together

    All: get everything over to Coolidge

    Feb 18th: RDC!!


    Bea Trickett