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Senator George Allen, R-Va. Presidential Candidate?

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  • ~mary~
    Senator George Allen whose name is being circulated in national Republican circles as a possible sucessor to President Bush in 2008. You may view his official
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      Senator George Allen whose name is being circulated in national Republican circles as a possible sucessor to President Bush in 2008. You may view his official website at: http://allen.senate.gov  

      Another blog site: http://vaconservative.com/archives/category/allen-for-president/

      This by Judge H. R. Moroz, Atty. Founder of The New Knighthood and author of the powerful and inspiring books: "The New Knighthood", and "Born Again: The Year and Events that Changed America Forever! Election 2000 and September 11th" Senator Allen recently appeared on the covers of CQ magazine and the National Review. --CR

      Sen. George Allen (Republican of Virginia) is a conservative in the finest traditions of President Reagan ... and Sen. Allen, with our help, can actually bring President Reagan's vision for America to fruition --- faith in God and country, a smaller government, a stronger national defense, lower taxes, moral leadership in the world, and the courage and commitment to see them through ...

      I am a staunch supporter of Sen. George Allen. I had the opportunity to meet Sen. Allen years ago when I was a candidate for Congress and he was running for the governorship of Virginia. He went on to become Governor and did a great job, and was subsequently elected to the U.S. Senate by a huge margin of victory. Interestingly enough, he was born in California ... and his father (the late George Allen) was the famous NFL football head coach of the Los Angeles Rams and the Washington Redskins.

      Senator George Allen.

      I have noticed the mass media is staying away from Sen. Allen, and is pushing the notion of Sec. Rice as the presumptive Republican nominee in 2008. Only FOX News Channel has given fair and balanced coverage to the fine work of Sen. Allen. I find it interesting and very revealing as to who the angry democrats do not want to face in '08!

      George Allen for President in 2008 ... something to think about ... and support!

      Hal Moroz


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