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  • Ronald Reagan
    Oct 24, 2009
      Friends - I have decided to sell the Second Reagan Revolution web site - it is taking up too much of my time - I have a full time job, and I need to devote more time to it - and reactivate my RN license, which will require lots of on line studying/working over the next couple of months - so I am not going to have the time to spend on the site that I would like - it is a labor of love for me, and it has significant revenue producing potential - the site has had 10,000 hits since June, and also comes with an on line Tee Shirt & bumper sticker store -

      Two of my friends developed the site for me - and told me it was a $50,000 site - but I spent $10,000 on it - it's listed on Ebay - just wanting to get the word out - if you know anyone who has time to spend nursing it, promoting it, growing it into a monster, which I would love to do, but just can't at this point - please direct them to me or Ebay - thanks so much! I would love to see a conservative, creative person with lots of free time take it over for me -