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  • Ronald Reagan
    Sep 11, 2009
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      Joe Wilson's office number is 803 939 0041 - I just got through and told them God Bless Joe Wilson - keep up the good fight - I am sending him a check for his next campaign - America needs many more Joe Wilsons - please call his office and tell him the same - let's embrace this guy - he is the ONLY member of congress to publicly acknowledge that the Emperor has no clothes - please call his office and thank him. Please pass this on to all that you know - we have been complaining for a long time that no one represents us - well, Joe Wilson does!  Call him and thank him and tell him to stand firm!!!  He is on the liberals' hit list - let's protect him and embrace him - finally, a politician with courage and conviction!!!

      Please read on below....

      Joe Wilson is an American hero - and we need to flood his office with messages of support and thanks! Please contribute to his campaign! The far left radicals have him on their hit list - let's give them what for....Joe Wilson is a congressman from South Carolina who laughed at Obama and called him a liar at Obama's health care address to Congress and the nation.Finally, a politician with guts and nerve and who speaks for the people - Joe Wilson knows the Emperor has no clothes. Let's support him!!

      KUDOS for an American Hero - Joe Wilson
      Posted By Jay On September 11, 2009 (12:41 pm) In Editorials, National, Politics

      Finally, a politician I can relate to!  A politician with courage, intelligence, and disbelief at Obama’s ridiculous assertion that his health care plan can be paid for by finding and cutting 90 billion dollars of waste and fraud in Medicare and Medicaid. Finally, a politician who sees Obama for what he is – a comedian. A dishonest, hypocritical, sanctimonious comedian. And the nerve of Joe Wilson to laugh out loud and call Obama a liar!  Something we all would have done if we had been there. This is a politician who finally gets it. He’s my kind of guy.

      I would not have apologized to Obama afterwards, as Wilson had the grace to do. But that is not enough for the democrats  – the democrats, who call Americans nazis, un-American, un-patriotic, fools, right wing nuts, etc – no, the congressional democrats are out for blood because Wilson had the unmitigated gall to call Obama a liar – something that we all know that he is. The sanctimonious democrats are gathering together like a bunch of silly, hypocritical school girls, enraged that their stud Obama was laughed at and called a liar – and they want Wilson’s head on a pike.

      Nevermind that the idiotic Harry Reid called Bush a liar – and a loser – and much worse. And never apologized. And never mind that the democrats have been dishing out insults and calling Americans names for months now. Can you say HYPOCRISY?

      The double standards in play here are outrageous – the democrats and liberals, famous for using double standards like the rest of us use oxygen, now have a new Satan.. They must be very pleased, as the hated Bush is no longer around, and they thrive on hatred – they simply must have someone to hate. Now they have that someone. Joe Wilson.

      I heard that Wilson’s opponent is the benefactor of huge amounts of money since he laughed at Obama and called him a liar. Probably money from trial lawyers, unions, liberal loons, NOW, PETA, ACORN, the SEIU, all the usual suspects.

      Joe Wilson is a man who America needs – and I am writing a check to HIM for $100 today. And I am creating on Facebook, if it hasn’t already been done, a Joe Wilson fan club.

      We have at last a man who refuses to be charmed by the myth of Obama, the hypocrisy of Obama, the hype of Obama, and the Chicago of Obama. And a man who isn’t afraid to laugh out loud and call a liar the Emperor who has no clothes. And for that, the acolytes of Obama are screaming for the blood of a real American who isn’t one of those hypocritical, smug, elitist little PC robots. I say to them, stuff it. And HOORAY for Joe Wilson!!!

      Please send Joe Wilson messages of support – call his office, email him, fax him, let him know how much we appreciate him!  His contact information is:

      Joe Wilson

      Republican representative from South Carolina.


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      Article taken from Second Reagan Revolution - http://www.secondreaganrevolution.com
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