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lu situ dé web dé Rumanşa

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  • Scotto Hlad
    Ilu me placé dénunºéor ºe lu situ dé web dé Rumanºa é recré cu lés informaºons nuvus. Atét ipem spegor! I m pleased to announce that the Rumanºa
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2004
      Ilu me plac� d�nun��or �e lu situ d� web d� Ruman�a � recr� cu l�s
      informa�ons nuvus. At�t ipem spegor!

      I'm pleased to announce that the Ruman�a website as been updated with new
      information. Come and see!


      La lur�da susese lu fef�ru.
      Success follows failure.

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