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The name "Wenedyk" (jora: Re: [romconlang] Re: language names - adverbs?)

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  • Jan van Steenbergen
    ... Being a bit late with my answer, for which my apologies... Yes, you are quite right about that. It s quite simple, actually: I invented the name Wenedyk
    Message 1 of 29 , Jun 2, 2007
      --- Henrik Theiling skrzypszy:

      > BTW, 'Wenedyk' is not a regularly derived word in Wenedyk IIRC. I
      > actually liked the fully Slavonic version better when Jan wrote
      > about it (because it looked, well, more Slavonic), but
      > unfortunately forgot it. Jan, obviously, found 'Wenedyk' cooler
      > and thus kept it.

      Being a bit late with my answer, for which my apologies...

      Yes, you are quite right about that. It's quite simple, actually: I
      invented the name "Wenedyk" in a fairly early stage of the language.
      Since that time, the GMP has gone through several major overhauls,
      although at the moment I think the language is stable (incidentally I
      change a word, but the GMP hasn't changed since a year or two). The
      truth is that I didn't want to change the name of the language at a
      time when it was already fairly known under the name Wenedyk, and I
      had grown quite attached to it myself. So I came up with an internal
      explanation: the name for the language was borrowed from, say,

      According to the GMP, the name ought to have been: "Wniodki" or
      perhaps "Wnied¼ki". I don't like either of them. Another reason to
      stick to the name "Wenedyk"!

      At present, I'm not entirely satisfied with the name "Wenedyk"
      either, because it is indeed pretty un-Wenedyk and creates a few
      other problems, too (for example, that language names are nouns
      instead of adjectives, like Polish does). But I feel it's far too
      late to change it, and anyway, I couldn't easily come up with a
      reasonable alternative.

      As for the fully Slavonic version you are referring to: that was a
      VERY early stage of the language, before I had made up my mind
      whether to base the language on Polish only or make it more
      generically Slavic (with hacheks and the like). Its working title was
      "Slovanik". I've never regretted my decision to model the language
      after Polish only. But the original idea was revived somewhat with a
      cousin project, Slezan. A far less developed language, but it
      provides me with all the necessary tools for making ad hoc
      translations. See http://steen.free.fr/slezan/ .



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