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2819RE: Idea for Latin dialects

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  • thomasruhm
    Oct 28, 2013
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      Hortus would be 'chortos' and 'gartas'. The latter is also the Germanic form. I wonder if the language would more be a reconstructed Indo-European languae or a Latin dialect. 

      ---In romconlang@yahoogroups.com, <romconlang@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      Lately I learnt that there where two old Indo-European languages in Tirol, which don't have proper names yet. Sometimes they are called Ostalpenindogermanisch A and B. Because only some words can be reconstructed because of mountain names, I had the idea that one could use what is known about their phonetics could be used to make two Latin dialects or later from those on romlangs. I don't know yet, if I am going to work much on this.

      From Latin 'faber' I made 'thafros' for A and 'dabras' for B. I used Ido-European *dhabhros as a source.

      We could also start a topic for sketch languages or ideas for languages that could be made you have or you had.

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