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2812Re: [romconlang] Re: What would be your suggestion s for a pure French word meaning 'fraternitée'?

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  • Padraic Brown
    Feb 8, 2013
      --- On Thu, 2/7/13, thomasruhm <thomas@...> wrote:

      > The word 'aquatique' could be similar to '*eauage', but I don't know
      > what to do to avoid hiatus.

      I suppose you can either go back in the language's history and determine
      that whatever leads to hiatus (in this case, loss of medial consonants)
      will not happen or has not yet happened. Alternatively, wherever it does
      crop up, you can determine that some new sound will intrude and break up
      the hiatus.

      > It would sound good with a v-gilde,

      This intrusive sound could indeed be a v-glide, and eauvage does have a
      nice ring to it. Doesn't have to be a V; you could insert some other
      sound, like eaudage.

      > but that would make the spelling unfrench.

      What's unfrench about V?

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