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2804Re: [romconlang] Re: What would be your suggestion s for a pure French word meaning 'fraternitée'?

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  • Padraic Brown
    Feb 1, 2013
      --- On Fri, 2/1/13, thomasruhm <thomas@...> wrote:

      > A changed post would just not be what I wanted to write at first.

      Okay. I guess I don't understand why this is a problem. Especially if
      what you write at first is not precisely what you had wanted to say! Why
      not change it?

      > People who read it changed would probably think, I did not change it at
      > all.

      Or they might not even really consider it as an issue!

      > 'Frèrne' was my quickly made up French version of 'fraternus'.

      Okay, I see! I don't know if fraternus survived into Romance or not, but
      it looks as good as anything! Fraternel, clearly a bookish word, is the
      modern French.

      > It might not have had the 'e' at the end. Well, the word 'moderne' has
      > an 'e', but it is possibly a loan.

      I think -e is just the adjectival ending. Like in English, blond vs.
      blonde. One is masc. the other fem. (One of the few places we've kept
      both, and both from French.)

      > 'Frènté' would be easier to pronounce than 'frèrnté'. I wonder if one
      > could go so far as to spell it 'frenté'. The accent marks in both
      > directions look funny. The result looks about as difficult to identify
      > with 'frère' as 'fraternité' does. I did sometimes delete things and
      > rewrite them, in this passage, because I had to think much and had wrong
      > spellings too.

      That's okay! I do that too, and I think most people do the same.

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