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2803Re: What would be your suggestions for a pure French word meaning 'fraternitée'?

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  • thomasruhm
    Feb 1, 2013
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      A changed post would just not be what I wanted to write at first. People who read it changed would probably think, I did not change it at all.

      'Frèrne' was my quickly made up French version of 'fraternus'. It might not have had the 'e' at the end. Well, the word 'moderne' has an 'e', but it is possibly a loan. 'Frènté' would be easier to pronounce than 'frèrnté'. I wonder if one could go so far as to spell it 'frenté'. The accent marks in both directions look funny. The result looks about as difficult to identify with 'frère' as 'fraternité' does. I did sometimes delete things and rewrite them, in this passage, because I had to think much and had wrong spellings too.
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