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2801Re: What would be your suggestions for a pure French word meaning 'fraternitée'?

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  • thomasruhm
    Feb 1, 2013
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      I saw that the word comes form 'fraternus', when I already typed the post, and did not send it, but I did not want to change it because I don't like to change something I have already written, because it is not authentic if I change it. Sometimes I still do.

      Maybe if 'frèrité' would have been composed in French times, not developed progressively from Latin, there would not have been a word descending from 'fraternus'. I see this is getting complicated. I just thought about the word 'frèrne'. From that it could be 'frèrnté', if 'rnt' isn't a too complicated nexus.

      Frerity looks like a real English word.