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President Bush Nominates Another Pro-Lifer for Judicial Spot

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      Subject:   President Bush Nominates Another Pro-Lifer for Judicial Spot
      Source:   Mobile Register; April 10, 2003

      President Bush Nominates Another Pro-Lifer for Judicial Spot

      Washington, DC -- Abortion advocates are expected to have another field day with a judicial nominee as President Bush continued his streak of pro-life nominations. This time, Bush has put forward Bill Pryor, Alabama's pro-life Attorney General for a seat on the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta.

      The move, announced Wednesday, had been expected since January, when pro-life Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) acknowledged that the White House was considering Pryor for the post.

      "He is one of the most exceptional lawyers I've ever met," Sessions, R-Mobile, said in a conference call with reporters shortly after the nomination was announced. "He has an incredible commitment to the rule of law; he does what he believes is the legally correct thing regardless of political pressure."

      On the issue of abortion Pryor has made no secret of his unflinching opposition to the deadly practice.

      In 1997, Pryor made a declaration that the U.S. Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion was "the day seven members of our high court ripped the Constitution and ripped out the life of millions of unborn children."

      In a statement, Pryor said he was honored and looked for ward to the Senate confirmation process. A spokeswoman said he would have no further comment. For the 40-year-old Mobile native, the nomination represents the next rung in an impressively rapid political climb, which some speculate is ultimately aimed at a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court.

      For the moment, though, what lies ahead is a possibly grueling, hard-nosed fight to win Senate approval for the appeals court seat.

      "Many of Bush's appellate court nominees have troubling records on a handful of issues," said Nan Aron , president of the Alliance for Justice, a Washington, D.C.-based coalition of pro-abortion and other groups. "With Pryor's record there is something to offend virtually every constituency in the country."

      A hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee hasn't been scheduled yet, but Sessions predicted the entire process would take months. If Pryor does win confirmation, pro-life Gov. Bob Riley (R-AL) would have to appoint a successor to fill out the balance of Pryor's term as the state's attorney general, which ends in 2007.

      Like other appellate courts, the 11th Circuit is one step below the U.S. Supreme Court; it hears appeals from Alabama, Florida and Georgia. With pro-abortion groups more frequently taking pro-life legislation to court, Pryor would be virtually certain to be a part of a court decision on life issues.

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