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RoleMaster List Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Mario M. Butter
    ROLEMASTER MAILING LIST FAQ VERSION 2.2 (LAST UPDATED 2nd November 1997) ... * 1. INTRODUCTION + What is RoleMaster? + What is the RoleMaster Mailing List? +
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      VERSION 2.2 (LAST UPDATED 2nd November 1997)

      + What is RoleMaster?
      + What is the RoleMaster Mailing List?
      + How do I subscribe to the RoleMaster Mailing List?
      + How do I post to the RoleMaster Mailing List?
      + How do I unsubscribe to the RoleMaster Mailing List?
      + Other Important LISTPROC Commands
      + Are there any other RoleMaster related lists?

      + Using the LISTPROC 'GET' command
      + FTP/WWW sites for RoleMaster materials
      + RoleMaster IRC channel

      + Commonly used abbreviations

      + What is currently available for RoleMaster?
      + What's in each RMSS book?
      + What RoleMaster books do I really need to play RoleMaster?
      + What products are currently being worked on for RoleMaster?

      + How can I contact Iron Crown Enterprises?

      * 6. ERRATA
      + Is there any errata available for RoleMaster?
      + Errata for Castles & Ruins
      + Errata for the Essence Companion

      + How do illusions work in RoleMaster?
      + How do Restricted/Everyman/Occupational skills work?
      + If a Paladin casts [the first spell on Holy Arms] he gets a
      +15 bonus to his attack for that round. But doesn't he have
      to figure in a -10 for the 10% activity it took to cast the
      instantaneous spell?

      + RoleMaster Projects
      + City Design Project
      + Guild of Freelance Writers
      + Online RoleMaster Fanzine
      + Rolemaster Adventure/Support project
      + Shadow World Internet Appendium
      + What's the difference between RM2 and RMSS?
      + What happened to Shadow World?
      + What happened to the Grand Campaign?
      + When is 'my fave RMCx profession' going to be reintroduced into
      + Is there going to be a RMSS version of Spacemaster?
      + What RoleMaster related computer programs are available?
      + What is ICE's policy on character generation/maintainance
      + Is there a fanzine? how do I subscribe?
      + What music is good to play when roleplaying?
      + What are some decent fantasy/sf films?
      + What are some good fantasy/sf books to read?
      + Quality lesser known fantasy books

      * 9. CREDITS



      1.1 What is RoleMaster?

      RoleMaster is a Fantasy Role Playing Game (FRP) by Iron Crown
      Enterprises (ICE) first released way back in 1982. The current
      version, RoleMaster: Standard System (RMSS) was first released in

      1.2 What is the RoleMaster mailing list?

      The RoleMaster mailing list is an area where RoleMaster enthusiasts
      can discuss issues related to the RoleMaster RPG, including rules,
      settings and some things totally unrelated to RoleMaster :).
      Discussion is informal and relaxed, flame wars are discouraged.

      1.3 How do I subscribe to the RoleMaster mailing list?

      To subscribe to the list just send an email to the listserver at:
      listproc@... and in the body include:

      subscribe rolemaster <your name>

      1.4 How do I post to the RoleMaster Mailing List?

      To post a message to the list just send your message to:

      1.5 How do I unsubscribe to the RoleMaster Mailing List?

      To unsubscribe, send 'signoff ROLEMASTER' as the body of a message
      to listproc@...

      1.6 Other important LISTPROC commands

      There are many commands you can give to the listproc in order to
      change how your subscription works.

      SET listname MAIL ACK:
      This is simply an confirmation of the posting you just made. It
      is returned to you in email.

      Sending this command will give you a listing and brief descriptions
      of all available commands.

      1.7. Are there any other RoleMaster related lists?

      The Middle Earth Role Playing (MERP) list also resides on
      tower.ml.org and is devoted to discussion of Roleplaying
      in Tolkien's Middle-Earth, with some emphasis towards ICE's own
      Middle Earth RPG, MERP. To subscribe, send email to
      listproc@... and in the body put:

      subscribe merp <your name>

      The Silent Death list also resides on tower.ml.org and is
      devoted to the discussion of ICE's Science Fiction board-game. To
      subscribe, send email to listproc@... and in the body

      subscribe silent-death <your name>



      2.1 Using the LISTPROC 'GET' command

      Logs of the RM list are kept online and be available via the
      listproc at tower.ml.org. In order to get a directory listing of
      the ROLEMASTER related files, send the command INDEX ROLEMASTER
      to listproc@....

      To get one of them, send the command:

      get rolemaster <file>

      To get logs of the list postings, send the command
      INDEX ROLEMASTER/ARCHIVES to listproc@.... To get one
      of the monthly list postings, send the command:

      get rolemaster/archives <file>

      2.2 FTP/WWW sites for RoleMaster materials

      Various amounts of RoleMaster information are archive at a number
      of FTP and Web sites. Iron Crown Enterprises also has their own
      site. The URL for ICE's site is: http://www.ironcrown.com. Here
      is a brief list of a couple of the FTP and web sites related to

      ftp.cs.pdx.edu /pub/frp/
      ftp.funet.fi /pub/doc/games/roleplay/ /FTP/RM/

      Web Sites

      Shadow World Pages
      http://users.aol.com/TerBob/Sworld.html [Terry Amthors page]

      RoleMaster worlds / campaigns in the Net
      http://junior.apk.net/~brp/campaign.html [World of Cragmere]
      http://home.sprynet.com/sprynet/sbt01/xhar.htm [World of Xharvania]

      2.3 RoleMaster IRC channel

      I think there was a RoleMaster IRC channel somewhere, but I seem
      not able to find it. Maybe someone on the mailing list would



      3.1 Commonly used Abbreviations

      FRPG - Fantasy Role Playing Game
      ICE - Iron Crown Enterprises
      MERP - Middle Earth Role Playing

      AC - Arcane Companion
      AL - Arms Law
      BO - Black Ops
      C&M - Creatures and Monsters
      C&R - Castles and Ruins
      EC - Essence Companion
      MAC - Martial Arts Companion
      PA - Pulp Adventures
      R&C - Races and Cultures
      RMSR - RoleMaster Standard Rules (This is a single book)
      RMSS - RoleMaster: Standard System (This is the entire system)
      SL - Spell Law
      TC - Treasure Companion
      TL - Talent Law
      WL - Weapon Law

      AlCo - Alchemist Companion
      C&T - Creatures & Treasures I
      C&T II - Creatures & Treasures II
      C&T III - Creatures & Treasures III
      DS - Dark Space
      RM - RoleMaster
      RM2 - RoleMaster 2nd Edition (printing)
      RMC - RoleMaster Companion
      RMC II - RoleMaster Companion II
      RMC III - RoleMaster Companion III
      RMC IV - RoleMaster Companion IV
      RMC V - RoleMaster Companion V
      RMC VI - RoleMaster Companion VI
      RMC VII - RoleMaster Companion VII
      SM - SpaceMaster
      SpaMCo - SpaceMaster Companion
      SW - Shadow World

      MA - Martial Artist
      PP - Power Points
      DP - Developement Points

      IMO - In My Opinion
      IMHO - In My Humble Opinion
      IRL - In Real Life

      JWCIII - John W. Curtis III - ICE Editor that is also on the list.



      4.1 What is currently available for RoleMaster?

      5500 RoleMaster Standard Rules $30.00
      5520 Arms Law $16.00
      5521 Gamemaster Law $20.00
      5522 Spell Law $25.00

      5502 RoleMaster GM Screen $12.00
      5503 RoleMaster Player Guide $10.00
      5504 RoleMaster Character Records $12.00
      5505 RoleMaster Annual '96 $10.00
      5510 RoleMaster 3-in-1 $65.00
      5523 Talent Law $18.00
      5524 Weapon Law $18.00
      5540 Creatures and Monsters $30.00
      5541 Races and Cultures: Underground Races $16.00
      5542 Castles and Ruins $1?.00
      5600 Arcane Companion $18.00
      5601 Treasure Companion $18.00
      5602 Martial Arts Companion $18.00
      ???? Essence Companion $18.00
      5700 Black Ops $16.00
      5701 Pulp Adventures $16.00

      4.2 What's in each RMSS book?

      RoleMaster Standard Rules - this is the main rule book.

      Arms Law - this book contains all the attack tables for physical
      combat with RoleMaster.

      Gamemaster Law - comprehensive book on campaign construction,
      GM'ing in general and other bits and pieces.

      Spell Law - this is RoleMaster's spell system, complete in one
      book. Contains over 2000 spells.

      GM Screen - Typical GM screen. Also contains complete encounter
      tables for all monsters in Creatures and Monsters.

      RoleMaster Players Guide - Covers all the basic information a
      player needs to know. Also contains 11 developed characters for
      levels 1 to 10 and a minimum set of condensed tables and spell
      lists for those developed characters.

      RoleMaster Character Records - a book of chararacter sheets,
      customised for each of the professions/races in the RoleMaster

      RoleMaster Annual '96 - includes a master index of all the
      professions and packages as well as character sheets for every
      profession detailed in 1996.

      RoleMaster 3-in-1 - RoleMaster Standard Rules, Arms Law and Spell
      Law set.

      Talent Law - Comprehensive system for generating Talents and Flaws
      for RoleMaster. Also has a system to create new balanced races for

      Weapon Law: Firearms - This book covers fire arm combat ; covering
      the periods from medieval to modern. With 29 firearm attack tables,
      6 shotgun attack tables, 7 critical strike tables, 1 fumble table,
      and a master weapon listing (containing hundreds of different
      firearms), you should have everything you need to use firearms in
      any genre.

      Creatures and Monsters - Complete book of creatures and monsters
      for use with RoleMaster.

      Races and Cultures: Underground Races - first in the series of
      'Races and Cultures' books, whereby each of the underground races
      mention in C&M are fully detailed. Includes specific racial packages
      and spells as well as cultural information for use when Roleplaying
      members of these races.

      Castles & Ruins - With complete construction rules, historical
      annotations, details on castle life, and more than 20 training
      packages (to represent the various types of characters found in
      and around castles), this book is a master piece of reference. Also
      included are guidelines on how to "age" castles realistically so
      that they become "ruins."

      Arcane Companion - Details the oldest form of magic in RoleMaster,
      Arcane Magic. Includes a selection of Arcane using characters as
      well as info on how to add Arcane magic to a campaign.

      Treasure Companion - A book detailing treasure generation and
      distribution within a game world for RoleMaster. Also has rules on
      Alchemy and sees the return of the Alchemist professions to
      RoleMaster (one for each realm).

      Black Ops - Genre book set in the world of espionage, mercenaries,
      counter-terrorists and covert operations. Includes new professions
      and packages, modern equipment, sample adventures and source

      Pulp Adventures - Genre book set in the world of pulps. Includes
      new professions, packages, equipment, source material and rules
      for setting a game in the pulp era.

      Martial Arts Companion - a complete and very detailed system of
      Martial Arts for Rolemaster. Includes new professions (Zen and
      Taoist monks), packages, new combat rules, martial arts styles
      system (creation and use) for campaigns of varying power levels.

      Essence Companion - The next of the "realm" companions introduces
      Essence magic in a way that you've never seen it before! Includes
      the Warrior Mage and Essence Molder professions. Also material on
      ritual magic and familiars, as well as new packages (Herbalist,
      Somanist, Crystalist, Nomenist, Corpist and more).

      4.3 What RoleMaster books do I really need to play RoleMaster?

      There has been some confusion over what books are actually
      neccesary to play RoleMaster: the Standard System (RMSS),
      especially for those people who have an old version. Here I will
      try and clarify it for both groups.

      The book you definitely need is RoleMaster: Standard Rules (RMSR).
      This is the main book of RoleMaster, and contains all the main
      rules. The second book your really need is Spell Law (SL). If you
      have an old version of Spell Law you may be able to get away with
      using it, but you will have to ignore many of the new spell using
      professions (Paladin, Magent and Dabbler). The 3rd book you need
      is Arms Law. This contains all the attack tables for RoleMaster.
      If you have an old version, you could use this as the only major
      change is in the way weapon breakage works.

      The above 3 books (RMSR, Spell Law and Arms Law) are the only books
      you NEED to play. But, I would strongly reccomend if you are a
      novice GM that you also get GameMaster Law.

      All the other books are purely optional.

      4.4 What products are currently being worked on for RoleMaster?

      Bladelands (Winter '97)
      Type: RMSS Gaming World
      Pages: unknown
      Author: in-house (with help from online guys)

      Note: This project has been delayed by the delay of the online
      stuff. It is still underway and moving (though it seems like at
      a snail's pace sometimes). First draft is due in the spring.

      Battlefield Companion
      Type: RMSS Companion
      Pages: 144 (estimated)
      Designer: James Jacobs

      Note: This companion deals with the art of war and what happens
      on the battle field. The first draft of the manuscript was due
      at the end of February.

      Campaign Companion I: Cities
      Type: RMSS Companion
      Pages: unknown
      Designer: Preston R. Williams

      Note: This book is intended to provide GMs with an insight to
      the way a city works (in medieval times). This includes the
      proper administrative bodies, guilds, organizations, and other
      logistical things that many GMs don't stop to think about. The
      first draft of the manuscript was due at the end of February.

      Campaign Companion II: Horror
      Type: RMSS Companion
      Author: Kenneth Hite
      Pages: 144

      Note: This book will discuss the intracies of running a horror
      campaign using the RMSS (talking in GM Law type terms).. The
      first draft for this manuscript was due in September.

      Channeling Companion
      Type: Companion
      Pages: Roughly 128 pages
      Authors: Cory Magel and Eliott Willhite

      Notes: Second draft should be finished in mid October ('97)

      From the authors:

      "We will introduce three official professions. There will be
      the Warlock (a Chan/Ment Hybrid). The Summoner (either a Pure
      Chan or Chan/Ess Hybrid). And lastly the Mythic (a Chan semi).
      The Warlock and Summoner are either familiar (in concept at
      least) or self explainatory. The Mythic is a kind of cross
      between a Magent, Paladin and Mage Hunter. Essentially a religious
      assasin and spy (mythical and mystical). Three will be the 'Priest'
      system used to create individualized Priests using existing
      profession templates and a large pool of example 'Priest Base
      Lists'. Professions such as the Druid and Necromancer will
      once again be very viable. There will be a number of new training
      packages with a few corresponding TP spell lists.

      Also; new rules on Divine Intervention, Fate Points, Standing
      (Divine Status) with your deity/within the church, Spirit World
      info (with corresponding 'Priest Base Lists' for a possible Shaman
      Priest), "Darkness" and "Corruption" as they relate to channeling
      users and a few other subjects.

      We will introduce two new critical charts (Holy Spell Critical
      Strike Table and Holy Weapon Critical Strike Table) for use against
      normal sized creatures of diametrically opposed religions. If all
      goes well you should be seeing it before Christmas... so put it on
      your list."

      Mentalism Companion
      Type: Companion
      Pages: 144 pages (estimated)
      Designer: Nicholas Caldwell and Eran Malloch

      Note: The next "realm" companion will deal with Mentalism. The
      first draft of the manuscript is due at the beginning of

      Will include the re-introduction of the Seer, Astrologer and
      possibly Noble Warriors/Armsmaster.

      Shades of Darkness (Due October)
      Type: Genre Book

      Note: In the not too distant future, technology has spawned a
      darkness no-one knew could even exist. The darkness swept
      across the Earth, threatening to destroy mankind. But from
      another dark place came a Dark Angel, promising to help man
      fight the darkness. Man joins forces with the Dark Angel, and
      Earth is somewhat devastated. Includes guidelines for characters
      slowly being corrupted...

      Weapon Law: Energy Weapons

      Note: this will detail futuristic weapons for the upcoming new
      version of SpaceMaster.

      Weapon Law: Support Weapons
      Type: Law Book
      Pages: unknown
      Designer: Joel Hedges

      Note: This will be the next book in the Weapon Law series. It
      will cover support-style weapons (flamethrowers, artillery,
      etc.). His first draft was due in the middle of July.

      Wilderness Companion
      Type: Companion
      Pages: 144 pages (estimated)
      Designer: John Tibbs

      Note: A companion that focuses on the outdoors (for all those
      "ranger"-types out there). The first draft for this manuscript
      was due at the end of May.



      5.1 How can I contact Iron Crown Enterprises?

      Iron Crown Enterprises
      P.O. Box 1605
      VA 22902 USA

      Ph: 804-295-4280
      Fax: 804-977-0343 (this is reserved for distributor orders, etc.)

      ASKICE@... [General ICE Questions]
      METWICE@... [ME CCG Questions]
      WALSFEO@... [Silent Death Questions]
      104047.2763@... [RoleMaster and Electronic
      Media Questions]


      * 6. ERRATA

      6.1 Is there any errata available for RoleMaster products?

      Yes. Currently there is errata for the main RoleMaster book,
      RoleMaster Standard Rules (RMSR). This errata is available at ICE's
      web site (http://www.ironcrown.com). It is also printed in the
      Arcane Companion.

      6.2 Errata for Castles and Ruins (1st Printing)

      Here is some errata for the 1st printing of Castles and Ruins (by
      Rich Kirkland).

      I wish I could say that this was a complete and thorough
      breakdown of the errors and typos I found in Castles & Ruins, but
      honestly this is more from me personally scanning and from other
      people pointing things out to me. Hopefully there aren't too many
      more mishaps, but here's what I've found:

      Page 14 Section 2.3 Arcane Companion - Refers to Arcane
      Concepts in Appendix (and there is no appendix).

      Page 18 Section 3.3 Apothecary - Look at his skill
      categories - specifically the Poisonical category.

      Page 73/76 Insert Public Opinion/Foreign Relations Chart -
      Level PO/FR Modifier
      1 Open Rebellion/Total War -75
      2 Factional Rebellion/War -50
      3 Angry/Hostile -25
      4 Disgruntled/Wary -10
      5 Neutral 0
      6 Quiet/Guarded 0
      7 Hopeful/Cautious +10
      8 Happy/Friendly +20
      9 Patriotic/Defensive Alliance +35
      10 Worshipful/True Alliance +50

      Page 103 Boarder Awareness Chart should read Border
      Awareness Chart.

      Page 103 Paragraph 3, last sentence remove the (xxx).

      Page 119 Sapping Maneuver Chart - remove references to feast

      Page 131 Miscellaneous Chart - Adjust tabs for Tar.

      Page 132 New Heading for Animals. Should be MR, MPH, and
      Manuever Bonus instead of weight, size and
      production time.

      Page 133 Siege Engines - Numbers under the size column
      should be under Production Time. SL should be
      under Notes column.

      Page 137/146 Construction Charts - All of them have a common
      error in that the row for 15,000 and 25,000 square
      feet all read as if they were 5,000 square feet.
      This error only effects the size, all of the other
      columns are still correct.

      Page 170 Perimeter Wardings - Fix tab for area of effect

      Page 182 Add Critical and Fumble Tables.

      Well, that's all I've found so far. Hopefully, these can be fixed
      for the second printing. Please let me know if there is anything I
      can do to help, or if you have any questions.

      Richard C. Kirkland, Jr.

      6.3 Essence Companion Errata

      Here is a message from Rich Kirkland regarding the errors in the first
      printing of the Essence Companion.

      ------- Forwarded Message Follows -------
      Date: Wed, 22 Oct 1997 12:04:37 -0400
      From: Adept4@...
      To: Multiple recipients of list <guild@...>
      Subject: Essence Companion Announcement

      Essence Companion is in my hands and copies should be delivered
      to stores next week. It looks good for the most part, but I'm
      very disappointed in a number of errors that have once again
      cropped up in the work as well as deletions on the part of ICE
      that I was never informed of.

      The only major error found so far - is unfortuneately quite large.
      There are 5 schools of magic described in the book. Each has
      a unique style and method for using the Essence. One of these
      schools, the Nomenist, uses language to cast spells. The more
      languages an individual learns the higher the level a spell
      he can cast. To balance out the caster;s need to learn lots
      of languages, he is able to cast his spells faster than normal.
      The measure of this individual's ability to cast spells is called
      the Primal Tongue. The number of ranks an individual has in
      Primal Tongue is the highest level spell the individual can cast.
      Primal tongue is calculated as a percentage of other language
      ranks. After adding together all of the ranks a character has in
      spoken language, the character should divide this number by 10 to
      determine the number of ranks the character has in Primal Tongue.

      For example: Rayblian has 10 ranks common, 5 ranks Hill speech,
      10 ranks Plains speech, and 5 ranks of Black Speech. These all
      add up to 30 language ranks. Divide this number by 10 to find
      that he has 3 ranks in Primal Tongue. This means he can cast
      spells up to 3rd level, but no higher.

      The Essence Companion, for some unknown reason, does not record
      this formula correctly. It does not say to divide by 10.
      This means that the general public will think that Rayblian in
      the above example can cast up to 30th level spells instead of
      up to 3rd levels spells. This is quite unbalancing.

      This section also refers to a Language Tracking Sheet, which
      displays the formula as a part of the sheet. ICE cut this sheet
      along with a number of other charts and a large equipment sheet
      that had a number of items that are referenced in the Magic
      Ritual section. If this sheet had not been cut, the formula
      would have been preserved. Alas.

      I would appreciate it if someone could copy this information to
      the general RM List. I can post the Language Tracking Sheet, as
      well as the equipment for Rituals (and other usefull items for
      some of the catalysts and some of the spell lists). I'll post
      those sometime when I'm working on my home computer.

      Again, overall the Essence Companion looks great - this one error
      though needs to be fixed. John says that they can't/won't fix
      this error while the book is in the warehouse (I was hoping for
      an insert errata sheet). So please help me get the word out.




      7.1 How do illusions work in RoleMaster?

      Illusions is one of the most controversial issues regarding the
      RoleMaster game. Instead of in most FRPG's where illusions are
      usually just in the mind of the targets of the spells, RoleMaster
      illusions are REAL. That is, if the illusion has the extra sense of
      'feel' it is an actual real object with a limited duration.
      Otherwise it is just an hologram of sorts. One way of looking at
      RoleMaster illusions is that they are like items created inside the
      Holodeck on the TV show Star Trek: The Next Generation. More
      detailed notes on how illusions work in RoleMaster are available at
      the following web site:


      7.2 How do Restricted/Everyman/Occupational skills work?

      In the first printing of RMSR the rules for the handling of
      Restricted/Everyman/Occupational skills (R/E/O) were quite complex.
      So, in the Arcane Companion a simplified version was presented in
      the reprinted pages in the rear section of the book. These rules
      were simply: if the skill was Restricted, for every two ranks
      bought, you gained one rank; if they were Everyman, you gained an
      additional rank for each rank bought; and if they were Occupational
      you gained two additional ranks for each bought. One thing that was
      left out was when the R/E/O rule applies. R/E/O only apply when you
      spend DPs specifically on the skill. Ranks gained at Adolescence
      are not developed at all (that is, you do not spend DPs on them).
      Ranks gained from TPs (Training Packages) are only indirectly
      purchased with DPs (you are really spending the DPs for the TP, not
      the skills in the TP); thus, they do not benefit from the R/E/O.

      7.3 If a Paladin casts [the first spell on Holy Arms] he gets a +15
      bonus to his attack for that round. But doesn't he have to figure
      in a -10 for the 10% activity it took to cast the instantaneous

      Yes, he does. So when the spell is cast, the character gets a net
      +5 bonus to his attack for that round. This was taken into account
      by ICE when creating the spell.



      8.1 RoleMaster Projects

      8.1.1 City Design Project

      This project was initiated by Paul Owen with the aim of creating a
      detailed city that could be 'dropped' into any world setting and
      used with the minimum amount of work required by the GM.

      The project has two home pages:
      http://homepages.enterprise.net/paulowen/city1.html [New]
      http://www.funet.fi/~vesanto/citydes/citydes.html [Old]

      8.1.2 The Guild of Freelance Writers

      This project is a group for RMSS authors to provide mutual
      assistance, play-testing and publicity in advancing their
      particular products. The Guild will (thanks to Mario) soon
      have facilities to provide an internal discussion forum which is
      free from the copyright concerns that plague detailed discussion
      of work in progress on this list.

      The Guild has quietly collected a significant fraction of the
      current RMSS authors who have email. I am reliably informed by
      John Curtis that all current RMSS authors who have email capability
      are on this mailing list.

      If you are interested in learning more, please check the Guild
      Website at http://www.ultranet.ca/chcc/guild (set up and run by
      Cliff Hammerschmidt)

      If you don't have Web access, then contact either Nicholas Caldwell
      (nhmc1@...) or Tim Dugger (rasyr@...) who
      will sort you out.

      8.1.3 Online RoleMaster Fanzine

      Another project that was started was that of an online fanzine
      devoted to RoleMaster. At this stage I dont know whether the
      project is still moving forward or has been cancelled. Hopefully
      someone involved in the project can fill me in and then I can
      update the FAQ.

      8.1.4 Rolemaster Adventure/Support Project

      A new project just started up by John Ledbetter. It's a place
      where us Rolemaster GM's can post and grab Rolemaster adventures
      of all sorts. To have a look, point your browser towards:


      8.1.5 Shadow World Internet Appendium (SWIA)

      The Shadow World Internet Appendium is devoted to providing
      quality additional background material, adventure ideas,
      full campaigns, and more revolving around Terry Amthor's
      Shadow World. The project is run by Patrick Plummer

      The Shadow World Internet Appendum (SWIA) Web Page is located at:


      8.2 What's the difference between RM2 and RMSS?

      Between RoleMaster's debut in 1982 and the release of the
      RoleMaster Standard System in 1995, RM's core rules theoretically
      went through two "editions," which were really reprints of the same
      rules and tables. These rules were accompanied, starting in 1986,
      by a large series of "RoleMaster Companions" and other "Companion"
      works (Spell User's Companion, Elemental Companion, etc.) This
      collective system is referred to as "RM2."

      ICE intends RMSS to completely replace all of this material. The
      debate rages as to which system is "better." RMSS is more compact
      and standardized, and fixes many flaws in the RM2 core rules. On
      the other hand, RM2 offers hundreds of optional rules, enabling
      gamemasters to customize their game -- it has been referred to as
      an "RPG Construction Set." RM2 also offers dozens of professions
      and thousands of spells that have not yet been "ported" to RMSS.
      RM2 users should remember, though, that ICE will no longer support
      any old RM2 material.

      Ultimately, RoleMaster is RoleMaster and users of one system should
      have no problem adapting to another.

      An official answer to 'What is RMSS?' can be found from:


      8.3 What happened to Shadow World?

      Unfortunately for it's fans the Shadow World campaign was ended in
      1996 with the final product released Curse of the Kabis. The main
      reason it was cancelled was due to bad sales. Interestingly, the
      new campaign world for RoleMaster (which is due out in '97) is set
      in the eastern hemisphere of Kulthea (the planet Shadow World was
      set) in the land of Folenn. Folenn (also known as the Bladelands)
      was briefly mentioned in the incomplete Shadow World module, The
      Grand Campaign.

      NEWS - Terry Amthor's own company Eidolon Studio has made a deal
      with ICE to allow him to produce further Shadow World source books.
      These are only available via mail-order or electronically via the
      internet. The first book, "Emer I: Haestra" has just been released
      and details the history of the Emerian Empire among other things
      and the schedule for further supplements is as follows:

      * Citybook: Haalkitaine and the Rhakhaan court.
      * Emer II: the Northeast (Including Tai-Emer, Silaar and
      * Emer III: The Southeast
      * Organizations Book I
      * Emer IV: The Southwest
      * Citybook: Kaitaine

      For further info check out Terry's homepage.

      8.4 What happened to the Grand Campaign?

      Due to the cancelling of the Shadow World line 'The Grand Campaign'
      (by Shadow World creator Terry Amthor) never saw print and was
      never completed. But, Terry has generously published what he had
      done on the web. The documents are in Adobe-Acrobat format, and
      they are at: http://www.pvv.ntnu.no/~bcd/SWstuff/GC/index.html
      and from ftp.funet.fi:


      8.5 When is 'my fave RMCx profession' going to be reintroduced into

      John Curtis (ICE's Netrep on the RM list) has said on a few
      occasions that over time some of the old RoleMaster companion
      professions will be either recreated as training packages or as
      new RMSS professions.

      In the upcoming Mentalism Companion, the Astrologer, Seer will be

      8.6 Is there going to be a RMSS version of Spacemaster?

      Yes. There are plans for a new version of SpaceMaster. At this
      point an author has not been found. It won't be a separate game,
      instead it will be a single sourcebook.

      8.7 What RoleMaster related computer programs are available?

      ICE plans to release computer gaming aids for character creation
      and running combat. Other programs exist, both for RM2 and RMSS,
      but be careful! ICE owns the copyrights to its rules and you should
      not pay any shareware author that has not been explicitly endorsed
      by ICE. At this point ICE has said that freeware character
      generators are "fair game," but if money or any other game aspects
      are to be involved, authors should contact ICE.

      There's a large repertoir of freeware programs at ftp.funet.fi:
      /pub/doc/games/roleplay/systems/rolemaster/programs and

      8.8 What is ICE's policy on character generation/maintainance

      For the current time, this is the official policy from ICE. Anyone
      out there that wants to create and distribute a character
      management program, they may. However, there are two restrictions:
      1) the program must be distributed only as Freeware (not Shareware
      or for $$$); 2) the program can do no more than simple character
      management/tracking (no combat management or action resolution).

      All of above only applies if you are planning on distributing your
      program. Every player/GM is free to create software for their own
      use (without limitation). You simply cannot distribute any software
      except that listed above.

      As a final note, the above restrictions will most likely be
      changing over the next few years, but should be considered in
      effect until told otherwise.

      8.9 Is there a fanzine? how do I subscribe?

      Yep. There sure is. It's called 'Portals'. Portals Magazine is the
      new magazine for RoleMaster and other ICE products (including Silent
      Death and MECCG). Two issues are currently in print, and the third
      issue is being worked on now. Their email address is:

      Portals subscriptions are available for $3.00 US per issue. It is
      possible that the price will go up in the future; if it does, any
      existing subscriptions will be unaffected (i.e., you will get the
      issues you already paid for, even though you paid less).
      International postage is an extra $1.00 US per issue for ground
      shipping; international air mail is an additional $2.00 US to $7.00
      US, depending upon your location.

      Your subscription check or money order should be sent to:

      Portals Games
      5604 Georgia Drive
      North Highlands, CA 95660

      8.10 What music is good to play when roleplaying?

      Usually the best to play are score/soundtracks from various movies
      and TV shows. A small selection is listed in ICE's Gamemaster Law.
      Here is a list compiled from various list members:

      Soundtracks Other CD's
      ----------- ----------
      Bladerunner Any by Enya
      Bram Stokers Dracula Any by Clannad
      Conan the Barbarian
      Conan the Destroyer
      Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
      Raiders of the Lost Ark
      Return of the Jedi
      Star Wars
      The Empire Strikes Back
      Xena: The Warrior-Princess

      8.11 What are some decent fantasy/sf films?

      Here's a brief list of some suggested by members of the list. Most
      are extremely obvious choices.

      12 Monkeys
      Bladerunner [directors cut]
      Conan the Barbarian
      Hawke the Slayer
      Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
      Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
      Monty Python and the Holy Grail
      Raiders of the Lost Ark
      Return of the Jedi
      Star Wars
      Strange Days
      Terminator 2
      The Abyss
      The Empire Strikes Back
      The Labyrinth
      The Princess Bride

      8.12 What are some good fantasy/sf books to read?

      There are vast numbers of fantasy or science fiction novels that
      are worth reading, too many to list here. But here is a small list
      of 'quality' books that is at least a start.

      The Lord of the Rings [J.R.R Tolkien]
      The Discworld novels [1] [Terry Pratchett]
      The Midkemia novels [2] [Raymond E Feist]
      The Conan stories [Robert E Howard]
      The Fafhrd and Gray Mouser stories [Fritz Leiber]
      The Wheel of Time series [Robert Jordan]
      The Dragonlance Chronicles/Legends [Weis & Hickman]
      The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant [Stephen Donaldson]
      Chronicles of Amber [Roger Zelazny]
      Memory, Sorrow, Thorn trilogy [Tad Williams]
      Dune [Frank Herbert]

      [1] For those interested (and don't know), his email address is:
      [2] Ray too is on the net, and his address is:

      8.12.1 Lesser known good novels to read

      Also included here is a list of good lesser known fantasy/sf books
      which was compiled from list members.

      "The Deed of Paksenarrion" trilogy, by Elizabeth Moon
      "Once a Hero", by Michael Stackpole
      "Mages Blood and Old Bones" anthology, published by
      Flying Buffalo.
      "The Last Herald Mage" trilogy, by Mercedes Lackey
      "The Thieves World" series, edited by Robert Asprin and Lynn Abbey
      "Legend", by David Gemmel
      "The Element of Fire", by Martha Wells
      "Liavek: City of Luck" series, edited by Will Shetterly and
      Emma Bull
      "The Misenchanted Sword", by Lawrence Watt-Evans
      "With a Single Spell", by Lawrence Watt-Evans
      "The Unwillingly Warlord", by Lawrence Watt-Evans
      "The Lords of Dus" series, by Lawrence Watt-Evans
      "Guardians of the Flame" series, by Joel Rosenberg
      "War for the Oaks", by Emma Bull
      "Dragonprince", by Melanie Rawn
      "Godstalk" and "Dark of the Moon", by P.C. Hodgel(l?)
      "The Black Company" series, by Glen Cook
      "GRUNTS", by Mary Gentle
      "Stainless Steel Rat" series, by Harry Harrison
      "Kill the Dead", by Tanith Lee
      "Tailchaser's Song", by Tad Williams
      "The Winter of the World" trilogy, by Michael Scott Rohan
      "The Coldfire Trilogy", by C.S. Friedman


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