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Re: Giant Dwarf

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  • Chris Trobridge
    In-Reply-To: ... One of the greater abuses of Talent law would be to let a dwarf (etc) take the giantism talent: (from memory)
    Message 1 of 247 , Dec 31 4:00 PM
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      > >. you ready for this . . . A 19' tall dwarf, 4x height with 4x weight
      > >(around 900 lbs) regeneration of 4 hits a round and all bleeding cut
      > >in half(resilient?) This THING is MASSIVE!
      > HA HA HA!
      > One of my players was making a dwarf using Underground Companion.
      > When he rolled on the charts, he foud out his dwarf was 5'10" with
      > a weight of 90 lb. I had him roll again, but let him keep the 192
      > and the -243 he had rolled, for use in other places.

      One of the greater abuses of Talent law would be to let a dwarf (etc) take
      the giantism talent: (from memory) double size and takes criticals as a
      large creature...

    • Erik Starck
      ... Absolutely! Howabout When the Raven Flies ( Hrafninn flygur (ice-landish))! It s a great remake of Akira Kurosawas Yojimbo (which also have been made
      Message 247 of 247 , Feb 4, 1997
        At 00:55 2/4/97 -0500, you wrote:
        >May I express my annoyment at the FAQ for only listing American and
        >English movies and authors? Thank you.

        Howabout "When the Raven Flies" ("Hrafninn flygur" (ice-landish))!
        It's a great remake of Akira Kurosawas "Yojimbo" (which also have been made
        in Italy by Sergio Leone, starring Clint Eastwood in "A fistful dollars"
        and in the US - "Last Man Standing" from 1996, filtered through Hollywood
        and starring Bruce Willis).
        There is also a movie that in swedish is called "Vaegvisaren" and which is
        very good (I don't know the original title, and I think it is made in
        Finland or Norway).

        Mr Kurosawa has made lots of great movies. "Ran", for example or "The seven
        samurai". Staying in Japan, many manga-movies are great inspirational sources.

        There are some english movies as well. "The search for the holy grail" may
        be a comedy, but not mentioning it should be considered a crime, punished
        by having to watch early "Lost in space" episodes at least a month.

        Just my two yen.

        Erik Starck
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