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Re: Helms (was Re: Armor Types in Rolemaster)

As a GM, I have often looked at the critical for whatever AT was rolled and if it was a head shot to a person without a helm it was treated as an attack
Pam Lindstrom
Mar 3, 2001

Rolemaster in Argentina

Hi, I play rolemaster for a long time now (almost 6 years) and because of many reasons my original group got dissolved, I wonder If there are any places left
Leonydas (Xavier)
Mar 3, 2001

Re: TP cost!

I've got something that calculates for a modern game. Nothing for fantasy. ... To unsubscribe, e-mail: rolemaster-unsubscribe@... For additional
Alexander Cherry
Mar 3, 2001

TP cost!

Hi, has anyone a spreadsheet or something to calculate the development point costs for Training Packages? As I'm lazy I don't want to calculate all the costs
Mar 3, 2001

Some more questions (about time, no?)

What kind of attack would a bear trap give? How about one that winds itself up and lunges at movement? How difficult is it to replace a part of the skeleton?
Per Henrik Bongo
Mar 3, 2001

Re: chaotic

... I ditched the Chaotics spell lists and had them have spell lists consisting of all spells in a list doing the same thing, only with different strength. For
P. H. Bongo
Mar 3, 2001

Re: How does Armor Quickness Penalty counts against Initiative?

... I do not know if this is what ICE actually intended, but I'd say that the Qu penalty affects everything that would use the Qu bonus - including initiative
Mar 3, 2001

Re: Special effects of "sub-concious" spells

... That sounds extremely odd. Subconsciously or not, I am still the one who's casting the spell. At the very least, one should have the option of using a
Mar 3, 2001

Re: Thoughts about doing away with Temporary and Potential Stats...

A couple of quick thoughts (which may or may not fit with what you're trying to do...:-) (1) I like RMSS's increased cost for stats > 90. I'm not sure how the
Frank F. Smith
Mar 2, 2001

Re: Thoughts about doing away with Temporary and Potential Stats...

... Scores (Temporary and Potential)? I've been playing around with this, since it ... than the Stat scores themselves. I got ride of the double scores and
R & R
Mar 2, 2001

Re: Armor Quickness Penalty

... From: "Stalvi" ... Which takes us back to the Movies thread -- I'm reminded of a splendid film (quickly hunting through IMDb...):
Frank F. Smith
Mar 2, 2001

How does Armor Quickness Penalty counts against Initiative?

Hi, I just came upon the question that Armor have a penalty on the natural DB up to negating it to zero, but I was wondering: Do they have the same effect on
Mar 2, 2001

Re: Thoughts about doing away with Temporary and Potential Stats...

The only downfall I see with this systme, is that the bonuses to development Stats are more likly to be sacked in favor of prime requisits. ...
Todd Posey
Mar 2, 2001

Re: Armor Quickness Penalty

We've used this since playing MERP. Works very well. Something we also take into consideration is size for DB. Usually the GM just wings it and calls out a
Mar 2, 2001

Re: Mail list humor

... Do you make mead? I love mead! what about (don't know how to spell it...have only ever heard someone say it) syser? um...like mead except with apples
Sheila Herndon
Mar 2, 2001
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