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Fw: Governor Hindmarsh Hotel Adelaide Media Release, 01/08/02

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  • Michael Hunter
    ... From: Richard Tonkin ... Sent: Wednesday, 31 July 2002 12:30 Subject: Governor Hindmarsh Hotel Adelaide Media Release,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 31, 2002
      Following on from the recent discussion here re live music vs developers:

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      From: "Richard Tonkin" <richard_tonkin@...>
      Sent: Wednesday, 31 July 2002 12:30
      Subject: Governor Hindmarsh Hotel Adelaide Media Release, 01/08/02

      > In a two month period in Adelaide nearly a dozen live music venues ceased
      > hosting gigs due to pressure from housing developers. Much of this was
      > to complaints from bogus "neighbours", often employees of the developers,
      > often residing in another area, who made noise complaints to the liquor
      > licensing commission.
      > As there was nothing in our state's laws to differentiate between noise
      > music (outside noise levels are supposed to be less than 50dba after 10
      > which is less than the volume of your average toilet flush) the complaints
      > usually resulted in the venue ceasing.
      > At one pub, The Crown and Anchor, the lawyer for the newly adjacent
      > development on several occasions entered that venue to demand cessation of
      > music. Shortly thereafter the pub changed ownership.
      > It came to a cultural head when we at The Gov found plumbing pipes
      > sticking out of the ground behind the pub. We automatically feared a
      > worst-case scenario, and screamed for help.
      > A local found sketches of the seven proposed townhouses on buydomain.com,
      > be built between the pub and the very nearby train station.
      > A student set up savethegov.com, the media promoted the address, stickers
      > began to appear at pedestrian crossings (this all within four days) and
      > the music and mainstream media began reporting the situation both locally
      > and nationally. A local band wrote a song that could be downloaded, and
      > people everywhere began to discuss what to do next.
      > On July 14, two weeks after the discovery, five thousand people marched
      > the main street of Adelaide to rally at parliament house for a musical
      > celebration, including, Cuban, Jazz and Hip-Hop bands and Australian
      > songwriter Eric Bogle. The march was led by Glen Shorrock of the Little
      > River Band, an ex-Adelaide resident.
      > It was agreed politically that something should be done. Our previous
      > state goverment introduced legislation changes. After a delay of about
      > months, mainly due to an election and a change of leadership, the new
      > government, assisted by its oppositioin, took up the challenge.
      > In the week of the first anniversary the new Attorney General held a
      > press conference in the front bar of The Gov to announce that laws to save
      > live venues had been passed. The story has and is being reported all over
      > Australia that there is now a distinction between live music and noise.
      > There is an opinion in Adelaide that highlighting the situation may
      > potentially resurrect the understanding of the necessity of live music in
      > our society. Venues are falling to housing development all over the
      > country, reports are coming in from other countries, and until developers
      > have the understanding that housing created near live music venues should
      > insulate its residents against a musical neighbour (not close the venue
      > down) a crucial element to modern aural cultural transmission is in dire
      > jeopardy.
      > We believe that until all elements of the legal situation are resolved the
      > situation is still tenuous, and if developmental forces succeed in such a
      > currently public environment the cultural message would be ominous.
      > If this information can be circulated in any useful way, please feel free.
      > My address is richard_tonkin@..., the pub's is www.thegov.com.au.
      > and there is a good archive of savethegov.com on the net.
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