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  • Duncan Kimball
    Hi folks, Just a short note (thank you very much, Matt Finish) to let you know that the transcription of John Broughton s radio interview with GREG QUILL is
    Message 1 of 1 , May 25, 2000
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      Hi folks,

      Just a short note (thank you very much, Matt Finish) to let you know that
      the transcription of John Broughton's radio interview with GREG QUILL is now
      up on the site. Just follow the Interviews link on the main menu and you'll
      find it. I hope you enjoy it - John did a great job and it's a great read
      IMHO - and many thanks to him for letting us put it up on MILESAGO.

      To digress: the new XTC album "Wasp Star (Apple Venus Vol. 2)" has just been
      released locally and comes HIGHLY recommended. It's REALLY REALLY good.

      While I was at Redeye picking that up, I sifted through their Oz music racks
      and found some nifty Vicious Sloth reissues - Melissa's "Midnight
      Trampoline" and Galadriel's self-titled album! Yum.

      Also spotted an interesting EMI France 2CD compilation of Axiom and
      Mississippi tracks, under the banner "LRB - The Early Days" (or something
      like that). Looks like a combo of tracks from Mississippi and the two Axiom
      albums, but not sure how complete it is. Had all the usual suspects like
      'Kings Of The World' and 'Little Ray of Sunshine' but lots of others too.
      Unfortunately it was $45 and I had already spent my allowance. Bummer.

      EXCELLENT bit of news just to hand: Mick Fettes has kindly put me in touch
      with bandmates Brendan Mason and Kerry McKenna, and I'll be interrogating
      them soon. (I bet they can't wait!) hahah. BUT - I'm really excited to
      relate Mick and Brendan have confirmed the existence of a more-or-less
      complete demo of their fabled "Brave New World" project!! This was, of
      course, the concept work they developed during '74 with David ("Journey to
      the Centre of the Earth") Measham, which never came to fruition. Equally
      exciting is today's news from Mick that there may well be some surviving
      tapes of BNW material which they cut in Perth in 1974 with the ABC! More on
      this soon!

      Finally - Mr Glass, I recently picked that Canetaod compilation with the
      18CQ tracks, and I have to agree with you that they still sound pretty damn
      good. It's really interesting to compare the 18CQ and Cam-Pact versions of
      'Drawing Room', and I'm intruiged by "Distant Relative" (which I now realise
      is where some of the music on "Approximately Panther" comes from). What IS
      that one about?

      Have a good weekend!

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