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Re: Michael Gibbons and the Bluebeats in 1960's

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  • marian roberts
    Hi Michael,   Can you help me with some extra information about Mick Gibbons of the Bluebeats. They were around in 1965.   Mick was my friend back in 1960 s
    Message 1 of 10 , Dec 26, 2012
      Hi Michael,
      Can you help me with some extra information about Mick Gibbons of the Bluebeats.
      They were around in 1965.
      Mick was my friend back in 1960's and we met at the wonderful Suzi Wongs.  I lost contact
      with him towards 1970's.
      The information I have was supplied to me by Michael Hunter, but he doesn't seem to
      have anymore information about them.
      Mick Gibbons toured with the Stones and did some gigs backing Normie Rowe.
      The bluebeats released two singles both in 1965.  "She's coming home" (July 65)
      and "under the moon of love" (Oct 65).
      Band members were, Barry Dessaux on bass, Mick Gibbons, Guitar and Brian
      Patterson, guitar, John  Pestro on drums and wayne poll vocals.
      Hope you can help.  I would love some more information on him
      and to know where Mick is today.

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      Hi Jennie

      Booka had 3 singles on Lee Gordon / Leedon in 1960/61 + an EP titled "Booka
      at the Police Boys Club" which featured 4 of the single sides with
      overdubbed 'fake' applause, also in 1961. Only his first single "Sweet
      Thing" charted, reaching #33 in Sydney only. He didn't chart in any other
      State. The singles were

      Sweet Thing b/w I Dig Girls

      We've Got Something Going b/w The Right Time

      (both on Lee Gordon!!)

      Transistor b/w Is It Me

      (On Leedon)

      Real name John Hyland. Became active as a pop vocalist after winning a
      talent quest in 1959.
      Appeared on "Six O'clock Rock", "Teen Time" and the "Johnny O'Keefe Show".

      That's all I can find too Jennie but hope this helps



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      One of the 'second level' performers in the late 50s-->mid 60s - had at
      least three 7" singles on Leedon, I think a couple sneaked in to the lower
      end of the Top 40 chart. Appeared fairly regularly on JOK and Bandstand
      shows. Was in a couple of 'revival' shows a decade or so back, I haven't
      seen anything about him since. JohnG
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      Subject: [rocknroll-scars] Booka Hyland

      Can anyone tell me a little about Booka Hyland. Can't find anything on
      him....I know he sang Is It Me. Need some info for my radio show next
      Sunday. Many thanks...................Jennie

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