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Re: An off topic recommendation

I second that recommendation. I've seen them many times here in the US and they never disappoint. They have honed their sound and stage show from constant
Grant Williams
Nov 7

An off topic recommendation

G'Day Scarries, Last night in Manchester I saw Blackberry Smoke. Without a doubt the best band to come out of Dixieland since Skynyrd. Their website shows
Peter and Christine Clarke
Nov 7

Spam that appears to come from me

I have been made aware that there is a spam email or two getting around in my name. I won't/don't send anyone any emails suggesting they try or look at any
Nov 4

Re: Tamam Shud

Well, if Classic Rock is right, someone got a bargain....as well as a great piece of Oz Rock history. PeteOldham Power Country! www.ccdevinehazard.co.uk
Peter and Christine Clarke
Nov 1

Re: Tamam Shud

A copy of Goolutionites And The Real People just sold on ebay for $1300 Australian Dollars
Steve Lorkin
Nov 1

Tamam Shud

G'Day All, The latest edition of Classic Rock, (CR217), Britain's best rock music magazine has just landed on the doorstep.The Buried Treasure - Riches from
Peter and Christine Clarke
Nov 1

Re: Sony

I know what you mean about changing something but he hasn't done. Same melody and verses. All three of them. And there are probably variations anyway in a song
Peter and Christine Clarke
Jul 12

Re: Sony

Allan And Sony settled... they have bought his silence .. end of story. however something that has been around since the 17th century would long be out of
Jaybees Entertainment
Jul 12


I came across something fishy in the murky world of Music Publishing recently. In an Ed Sheeran songbook (I'm not a fan, the book was in my shop!)....his first
Peter and Christine Clarke
Jul 12

Re: chatting

And for those of us who don't do FB, (She Who Must Be Obeyed does that and tells me anything I need to know!) it explains why SCARS has been a bit quiet of
Peter and Christine Clarke
Apr 19

Re: chatting

... Hi Naz, I don't see why Facebook should have to monopolise forums and discussion groups. They have really over-strict policies which can get their users
Dario Western
Apr 18

Re: chatting

Brian Last
Apr 13


nice to see a little action here at Rock n Roll scars Central. it has been a while. While most migrated to the facebook group - we have kept this group going
Apr 13

Re: Kevin Borich Re: [ROCKNROLL-SCARS] Especially for the Victorians

No Kev, I'm just the co-author of the Conway book. We had a chat at Williamstown RSL once. I may have given you a copy of my Vanda & Young book. How is your
John Tait
Apr 13

Kevin Borich Re: [ROCKNROLL-SCARS] Especially for the Victorians!

Hi John, Were you in the Band John? - if so what did you play? Hey I think I gave Mick Conway a ride to Melbourne once wives ago !!! Accidents - yep had one,
Kevin Borich
Apr 13
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