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  • Penny,Dave
    Hi Tapio, Tenor saxophonist Charlie Singleton is a different person to songwriter Charlie Hoss Singleton. The latter, often in the company of partner Rose
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      Hi Tapio,

      Tenor saxophonist Charlie Singleton is a different person to songwriter
      Charlie "Hoss" Singleton. The latter, often in the company of partner Rose
      Marie McCoy, wrote among many others such enduring classics as "Boot 'Em
      Up", "Honey Bunch", "Talk That Talk", "There Ain't Enough Room Here To
      Boogie", "One Monkey Don't Stop The Show", "Person To Person", "Right Around
      The Corner", "Shotgun Wedding", "Well, All Right", "Promise Mister Thomas",
      "Piddily Patter", "Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean", "Mambo Baby", "Love
      Contest", "Trying To Get To You", "Don't Forbid Me", "Spanish Eyes",
      and..."Strangers In The Night"!

      Both Charlies were based in NYC, however, and both made records; "Hoss" made
      a handful of sides for RCA Victor - where he was employed as staff
      writer/A&R man - from the mid 1950s to the early 1960s and I wouldn't be
      surprised if the Chase issue was by him too (perhaps the label was owned by
      fellow Big Apple r&b composer Lincoln Chase?).



      Hi Brian,

      Charlie Singleton's combo was backing many N.Y. artists Ferguson. He also
      wrote "The Feeling Is So Good" to The Clovers. This is *very* incomlete

      49 APOLLO 794
      Keep Cool
      Later For You
      51 DECCA 48193
      Elephant Rock
      Alligator Meat
      52 RED ROBIN 103
      Never Trust A Woman
      52 ATLAS 001/1001 H-Bomb Ferguson w/Charlie Singleton Combo
      I Love My Baby
      Rock H-Bomb Rock
      52 ATLAS 002/1002 H-Bomb Ferguson w/Charlie Singleton Combo
      Gone With The Wind
      Blow Mr. Singleton
      52 ATLAS 1003
      Swingin' Away
      52 ATLAS 1005
      On My Way
      Good Time Gal
      52 ATLAS 1006
      Lonely Lover Blues
      Cat's Paw
      52 ATLAS 1007
      Honeysuckle Rose
      Hello Little Girl
      52 ATLAS 1009 Hattie Green w/Charlie Singleton Combo
      Rocks In My Bed
      I Got It Bad And That Ain't Good
      52 ATLAS 1010 Hattie Green w/Charlie Singleton Combo
      Ocean Liner
      Deep Purple
      52 ATLAS 1021
      Super Chief
      Jiving With Doctor Jive
      52 ATLAS 1024
      Good Air
      My Song
      53 ATLAS 1029
      Pony Express
      Broadway Beat
      53 ATLAS 1032
      Oozing Along
      The Boardwalk
      5? ATLAS 1250 H-Bomb Ferguson & Charlie Singleton
      Rock H-Bomb Rock
      O Love My Baby
      5? ATLAS 2700
      Sweet french song
      5? LEE 208
      Please Don't Leave Me Here To Cry

      There was at least one LP
      CHARLIE SINGLETON COMBO, Big twist hits (RCA Camden SND 5018) '62

      There's also "Little Liza Jane" on BABY IT'S A MAD MAD WORLD! (Sepia 001,
      FRA), "Earthquake" is on SAXOMANIA - HONKERS AND SCREAMERS (Charly CPCD
      8163, UK).

      (1953-1955) (JAZZ IN PARIS) : EMARCY ?

      I found this from the net.
      Henry Boozier (tp), Charlie Singleton (ts), Freddie Redd (p), Al Cotton (b),
      Jimmy Cobb (d). NYC April 15, 1954 Little Suede Shoes Sunset issue ? The
      Nearness Of You issue ? There'll Never Be Another You issue ? Salute To All
      issue ?

      - Tapio

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