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RE: [rochesterNYwestonaprice] Raw Milk Info please

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  • Laura Villanti
    Heather - welcome. I will insert some answers below. As Erin states, some folks can have issue with all types of dairy. So, wise to get some testing done,
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 2, 2011
      Heather - welcome.  I will insert some answers below.

      As Erin states, some folks can have issue with all types of dairy.  So, wise to get some testing done, but at the same time...testing may not tell the whole story.
      It seems that the elimination diet is the best way to know of the bodies real reaction to any food.  And, as you reintroduce foods...you need to watch for everything as signs....  clear mucus from nose, watery eyes, slight sniff, slight throat clear, bed-wetting, behavior changes, speech changes, cuddle-ability changes, sleeping, red patches on cheeks/other, skin itch,..plus there are likely 100+ other signs.
      Having said that, about 80% of folks that are lactose intolerant, are fine with raw milk.  Raw milk is a GREAT food if you can digest it.  Here are some links I shared with a friend recently.
      If someone does have allergies to foods or environment, it is likely that they need to do some gut healing.  Gut healing comes through taking out offending foods, adding in healing foods ( bone broths, probiotic rich foods, omega 3's, lots of healthy fats and fat soluble vitamins,etc).  A great site to learn more about gut healing is www.gaps.me
      See inserted answers below.........

      Laura Villanti
      Certified Healing Food Specialist - CHFS
      Chapter Leader, Rochester NY - Weston A Price Foundation

      Disclaimer: The information above is to be used as educational and general in nature.  This information is not meant to substitute the advice or guidance provided by your health professional. 


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      Hi, I am new here.I have been lurking for a week or two and find it interesting. Let me introduce myself.... I am Heather. I am a wife to a good man, a mother to seven wonderful children, and an Interpreter for the Deaf.
      For the past months we have been struggling with a food allergy with my darling daughter who is 10. We know for sure it is soy, but are in the process of cow's milk or celiac. In fact,we are just returning from Strong and doing a 3 hour lactose test.

      We are currently buying goats milk from a friend of mine who runs a goat dairy in Lyons (I go to Lori's to get her milk), which is a change in taste....we also use almond milk. I can't understand how milk is made from an almond. I fear the processing in the almond milk must be overwhelming and can not be good.

      My neighbor recently moved here from NH and raves about raw milk and how it can help my daughter. When I did a google search, an USA TODAY article came up with Elizabeth from this group as a advocate this subject. I found this to be extremely lucky as I live on the east side of Rochester.

      Can I ask a few questions,please?:

      *Is it legal in NYS? From what I have read it seems to be if from a dairy that sells pasteurized milk too , than yes it IS. I am not clear on this though. NYS outlaws everything so I am leery.

      NYS does allow the sale of milk from farms who have a raw milk permit.  We are fortunate to have Steve Galens in Clifton Springs.

      Steve Galens (Galens Homestead Acres) Clifton Springs (315) 462-5178, galens@...
      http://66.152. 115.94/fltphotos /realmilk/ realmilk. html  - here is a link that shows and tells about the farm


      * What are the benefits as YOU have experienced with raw milk?

       some who are lactose tolerant are able to now consume milk, some have gained bone mass density, others have stronger immune systems

      * Is there anything I can read, learn about from you personally that if a child is allergic to cows milk, what are chances she will not be allergic to raw cows milk? Is this possible? 

       I would recommend a couple week break from all dairy prior to introducing raw milk.  The protein structures are similar, and the body should be given a clear break, so that the body doesn't recognize it as pasteurized.

       * Where can I get some?

       Steve Galens - see above

      * Is there raw milk cheese? I could use a good cheddar.

      Raw cheeses can be sold in stores if aged over 60 days.  You can find raw cheeses at Lori's , Abundance, farmers markets, Wegman's,etc.

      * Any and all info is appreciated.

      I have no idea what westonaprice is(the yahoo group name) but I enjoy the conversations.

      Please visit www.westonaprice.org for a wonderful resource on nutrient dense foods, natural healing, nutrition,etc.  It will explain who Dr. Weston A Price was, the foundation,etc.

       Thank you very much 


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