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Turkeys, Chickens and Happy Monday

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  • Happy Hooves Organic Farm
    Happy Monday! It s gotten a bit cold out. We saw snow here yesterday. The hens have been gradually making their way up to the barn from their outback
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2010
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      Happy Monday!

      It's gotten a bit cold out. We saw snow here yesterday.

      The hens have been gradually making their way up to the barn from their

      adventure this summer. They are happy to find their old winter spots in the

      The chickens that are left have had their outdoor shelters tightened up and
      bedded with straw to keep them warm and comfy until they meet the butcher on
      November 20th along with the turkeys. This also has helped to deter that

      hawk that took 2 of my hens last week. Migratory birds my eye!

      The cows are now being allowed back in the barn since it's gotten so cold. We

      were cleaning it out and fixing up gates and getting it ready yesterday. They

      knew what we were up to somehow and stood outside that back door mooing at us

      until we finished and opened the door for them. I love to stand in the barn

      listen to them all munching on hay. It's just as soothing as watching the

      range chickens scratching at the ground. What were calves last year are way

      big to be going to the calf side this year, but they didn't seem to know it

      so reeked havoc on the creep gate trying to get back over there. The calves

      this year have never been in the barn before and so even with persuasion would

      not go in. Sigh...

      Well, this is to remind you that fresh turkeys will be ready beginning

      20th. That is a Saturday just before Thanksgiving. They should be ready after

      4:00 that day. There is still room for some reservations if you want one, but

      don't dilly-dally. Last year a number of people missed out because they

      until the last minute. I do expect to be making a run to just East of Webster

      deliver some so that Rochester folks don't all have to drive way over here to

      get theirs. Exact time has yet to be determined, but it will be "late" I'm

      A big help will be the new cooler we are building that will allow us to hold
      fresh meats without ice and lots of little coolers.

      Also on November 20th we will process the last of the chickens, all heritage
      breed chickens. We still have nice Cornish Cross chickens in the freezer in a

      wide variety of sizes. If you're up to more poultry that day, buy it then.

      Thanksgiving we will raise the price of chickens to help pay for the

      to keep them frozen.

      Please feel free to call or email me if you have any questions. Now that I've

      got the house phone forwarded to my cell phone most of the time I can take

      call even if I'm outside, barring the occasional lapse in my memory when I go

      out without it!

      Della Jastrzab
      @ Happy Hooves Organic Farm
      13054 Ira Station Rd
      Martville, NY 13111
      All our animals are raised naturally on pasture.
      Happy Cows Make Better Beef.
      Our Cows Smile All The Time.
      Certified Organic by NOFA-NY Certified Organic, LLC
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