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Re: Help w/sustainable farm vs organic farms Carol: I fully understand your question. These aspects of the "organic" designation has us looking for SPECIFIC sources that can be trusted. We currently get
Marc Johnson
Apr 22
Help w/sustainable farm vs organic farms My budget doesnt always allow me to buy strickly organic fruits, vegtables, and meats which leaves me feeling like Im not doing my best for my family or
Apr 22
REMINDER: Free Movie Viewing - The Greater Good - The Vaccination Co I wanted to remind the group that they are invited to a special free event next Monday evening: Pathways to Wellness is hosting a special movie night showing
Apr 21
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Green Cultural Exchange Opportunity Given the interests of folks on both Rochester Farm Connection and Winston A. Price, I thought it appropriate to post his on behalf of Sandy Peters, a local
Susan Gockeler Schultz
Apr 17
Re: kefir basics I eat them - they don't taste like much, but I do feel that they contribute to a healthy gut. Put it this way...if I didn't eat so many, I'd have more grains
Rene' Weir
Apr 10
Re: kefir basics You can definitely eat the grains. I eat them on occasion, if I have extra,etc. They taste like nothing. ... Laura From:
Laura Villanti
Apr 10
Re: kefir basics ive read on one of the sites, u can eat the kefir grains. anyone do that? i wondered what they taste like? i can see myself getting too many grains cuz i'd
Hélène Gómez
Apr 10
Possibly OT - urban garden share? Greetings all, Not sure if this is the best place for this but I thought I would put it out there. Last year I started a 200 square ft garden, using the square
Apr 9
Re: kefir basics Is there anyone in Wayne county willing to sell me some grains? -- Connie Pheng // Stanford '07, BS in Biological Sciences Academy of Art, Graphic Design
Connie Pheng
Apr 9
Re: kefir basics I make kefir,have been for almost 30 years - yes,it is very simple! Add the kefir "grains" to milk, (it can be cold right out of the fridge) let sit overnight
Apr 9
Re: kefir basics I add about a tablespoon of milk kefir grains to about a half or near full quart jar of raw milk, covered with a coffee filter and rubber band, and allow it to
Apr 9
kefir basics I'd like just a brief run down on making kefir. i think u just add the culture to milk without scalding it first and then let sit on the counter, it doesnt
Apr 8
Adrenal Summit - free - starts tomorrow Hello all. I just learned about this summit. I wanted to share it with all of you. This is a summit we can ALL likely benefit from .........but, it is the
Laura Villanti
Apr 6
Spring Seafood Order Is Now Open Hello Rochester Seafood Buying Club, Our spring order with Lummi Island Wild is now open. Closing Date: Tues April 15th Distribution Date: Thurs April 24th
Elizabeth McInerney
Apr 4
Duck egg delivery on Saturday April 5th  Hello, I wanted to let everyone know that had expressed an interest in our duck eggs. I am delivering to 213 Cheese Factory Rd Honeoye Falls (corner of
Elizabeth Hoover
Apr 3
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Fw: egg delivery   Daniel and Elizabeth Hoover Gottslond Farm 2265 Pulteney Rd. Branchport, NY 14418 315-694-1628 www.gottslondfarm.com Pastured, certified organic, no-soy,
Elizabeth Hoover
Mar 31
Re: Fresh chicken eggs My hens are /safely free ranged,I feed them organic wheat,corn & other grains,no soy, & I do not get the "non vegetarian" as chickens by nature eat bugs and
Mar 30
Re: Farm To Consumer Legal Defense Fund Right on price rd! Howdy, neighbor :) Do u have eggs yet?
Hélène Gómez
Mar 30
Farm To Consumer Legal Defense Fund Here is a note that Fred Forsburg wanted to share with the group...regarding Farm To Consumer Legal Defense Fund. This is a great organization that helps
Laura Villanti
Mar 29
Re: Fresh chicken eggs Marie, are these pastured, non-vegetarian-feed, non-soy-feed hens? thank you!
Hélène Gómez
Mar 29
Re: Friendly doctors in general? I would go for a yrly checkup kid of thing, and then ask casually, at the end of the visit, if theres a form for you to sign that you're refusing vax so they
Hélène Gómez
Mar 29
Re: Raw cows milk Please connect with Linda, our milk coordinator. She can assist you. lfugate78@... Thanks, Laura Villanti From: rochesterNYwestonaprice@yahoogroups.com
Laura Villanti
Mar 28
Raw cows milk Does anyone sell organic raw cows milk?! Sent from my iPhone
Ashley Roemer
Mar 28
Re: Friendly doctors in general? I know many of us would love to see a list of doctors and pediatricians we can pick from easily. One issue that should be considered in making the list is
Mar 28
Re: Fresh chicken eggs I raise naturally/organically raised hens, and sell eggs for $2.50/dozen, if 6 dozen or more, price drops to $2 per dozen. Buy for friends & family!
Mar 28
Re: Friendly doctors in general? I go to Eileen Nugent, DO.  She does support natural approaches in medication, diet and alternative therapies (after all, she is an osteopath!).  She will
Suzanne S
Mar 27
no-soy duck eggs Our duck eggs are $7.00/dz. We deliver to Honeoye Falls every 4 weeks for a Cottonwood Buying Club which is on West Bloomfield Rd. We are scheduled to deliver
Elizabeth Hoover
Mar 27
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Re: Pediatricians on the East side? All - I wanted to mention a pediatrician that you may want to consider/interview. Over the past year, I have come to know Dr. Julia Stein through the
Laura Villanti
Mar 27
Re: Friendly doctors in general? All - I have had interest in compiling a simple chart/database that includes doctors and practitioners in the area, for which they are more holistic and/or
Laura Villanti
Mar 27
no-soy duck eggs We have an abundance of duck eggs from free range ducks that are fed only certified organic no-soy, low-corn, whole grain feed. They are excellent for baking
Elizabeth Hoover
Mar 26
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