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  • Jamal Mohamed Yeesa.A
    Jamal Mohamed Yeesa.A wrote: A.Jamal Mohamed Yeesa wrote: OBJECT CLAUSE 1. To work for
    Message 1 of 5 , Sep 7, 2007
      "Jamal Mohamed Yeesa.A" <sinceresocialservice@...> wrote:

      "A.Jamal Mohamed Yeesa" <sinceresocialservice@...> wrote: OBJECT CLAUSE

      1. To work for peaceful living by organising meetings,
      conferences, seminars, symposiums and workshop on inter faith and
      Inter religion.
      2. To start, maintain, establish, set-up, run and administer
      Family counselling centres.
      3. To work for eradicating AIDS by organising and conducting
      AIDS awareness camps, distributing contraceptives, arranging
      meetings and seminars for propagating and creating awareness of AIDS.
      4. To open, found, establish, promote, set up, run, maintain,
      assist, finance support and or aid or help in the setting up and or
      maintaining and or running colleges, Institutes of Higher learning,
      Centres for Higher Studies for advancement of Arts, Science,
      Commerce, Industry and other fields of learning.
      5. To redress the grievances of victims to AIDS, Cancer and
      other life killing diseases.
      6. To provide free legal assistance to the poor and the under
      privileged in respect of matters or disputes arising out of, or
      incidental to their RIGHT.
      7. To establish, start, run, administer CONSUMER PROTECTION
      CELL for the benefit of public at large.
      8. To start MARRIAGE INFORMATION CENTRE for the benefit of poor
      women, widows and widowers.
      9. To establish DRUG DEADDICTION CENTRE so as to make the
      drunkards abstain from drugs and other narcotics.
      10. To provide free treatment and advice to the poor through
      establishing SIDDHA VAIDHYASALAI.
      11. To co-operate, federate, align with International
      philanthropical Institutions such as WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION,
      12. To establish full fledged Technical Guidance Centre for
      providing free technical education to the poor and downtrodden.
      13. To take steps as may be necessary to ameliorate the social,
      economic, civic conditions of the public at large.
      14. To work for RURAL DEVELOPMENT.
      15. To make the people aware of ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION and take
      precautionery measures for control the same.
      16. To establish, promote, set up, run, maintain, finance,
      support, and to aid or help in the setting up and or maintaining and
      or running nursery, primary schools, middle schools, high schools,
      higher secondary schools, matriculation schools, technical schools
      or institutes.
      17. To takeover any existing educational institutions, schools,
      other centres of education and to conduct, run, maintain, develop
      and improve the same.
      18. To establish, maintain, run or aid in establishing,
      maintaining, running and managing Hostels, Boarding Homes,
      Residential Institutions for the benefit of students, trainees,
      apprentices, researchers or instructors without any profit motive.
      19. To Institute Scholarship, award for the studies, research
      and apprenticeship and pay out such stipends, school, college fees
      for study, funds for purchase of books and equipment and uniforms
      etc., on such terms as the trustees deem fit commensurate with the
      income of the trust.
      20. To bring out, encourage and develop the incentives and
      research faculties of the pupils, teachers etc., by affording
      financial or other help.
      21. To promote Sports.
      22. To develop human resources, conduct vocational training
      programmes, socio economic and employment oriented schemes for poor
      weaker sections, women, handicapped, aged, school dropouts,
      unemployed, underemployed youths in rural and urban areas.
      23. To establish, maintain, run manage, aid and assist in the
      establishment and management of hospitals, dispensaries, Nursing
      Homes, Health centres and to render and assist in providing material
      aid to the sick and destitutes and suffering public grant, free
      medical aid and other clinical facilities.
      24. To help the old, disabled, destitute, Orphans, handicapped
      and poor people by running homes, orphanages etc., for their welfare.
      25. To give, provide and or render monetary and or other help
      and assistance for the relief of persons affected by natural and
      other calamities such as flood, fire, famine, cyclones. earthquakes,
      stroms, accidents, pestilence, drought, epidemic and the like to
      give donations, subscriptions, contributions to institutions,
      establishment centres or person doing relief work on such occasions.
      26. To promote, organise, administer, establish, support,
      maintain, grant and to receive from any persons, Institutions or
      Society or Organisations whatsoever having similr objects of
      educational and or charitable purposes in india and to incur
      expenditure in connection there with.
      27. To accept donation, grants, gifts either in cash or in kind
      in the pursuits of the objects and to deal with the same for the
      purpose of the trust.
      28. To do all activities necessary for the promotion of
      education and for the upliftment of poor, downtrodden, disabled,
      uncared for the citizens of this country.


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