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  • Tom Frost Jr.
    ... wrote: I m Tom Frost Jr., or TF for short, and my voting record is mostly Carter Republican, but it is on the Real Libertarian ticket
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2006
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      I'm Tom Frost Jr., or "TF" for short, and my voting record is mostly
      Carter Republican, but it is on the Real Libertarian ticket that I'm
      hereby announcing my run for Governor of Pennsylvania.

      The Real Libertarian Party
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/RealLibertarianParty is not to be
      confused with its opposition, the Nyspspeak Libertarian (better known
      as plain "Libertarian") Party. The latter is is the enemy because 1)
      it's in bed with Big Brother in the churning out of secret wink-range
      speed charts that aren't available (and are impossible to ever make
      available with much reliability) to the common man, and 2) the parts
      of its platforms that say that it doesn't want fines to be levied,
      are _lies_, because they _do_ want fines to be levied (as they say
      elsewhere in the same platforms: specifically, fines for impeding,
      even though impeding is protected - and much more definitely so than
      speeding - under the Constitutional Right to Travel).

      My first step toward putting the Nyspspeak Libertarian Party's mantra
      on the ash heap of history, will begin as soon as I'm Governor-elect.
      That's when I'll put video cameras at undisclosed locations on
      highways around the state. Then, prior to my inauguration day, I'll
      have the videos therefrom reviewed to glean the identification
      numbers, times and locations of all State Police cars that are shown
      to be violating the posted speed limit by a micron or more per eon
      during what my staff deems to have been non-emergency patrolling.

      The oath-breaking gangsters that are the drivers of these patrol
      cars - all of them, plus anybody else in any State-Police-salaried
      position who tries to rationalize about the speeding without
      producing an independently-ink-age-tested logbook entry proving, to
      the satisfaction of my staff, that the patrol car was on an emergency
      call at the time of its speeding - will be fired on my inauguration

      With the State Police thereby gutted (likely all the way down to
      nothing), a Citizen Militia will then be relied upon to begin to form
      (with law-abiding gun owners of the less-organized variety taking up
      the slack in the meantime) for the purpose of doing the job that the
      State Police weren't willing to do, namely the job of promoting
      respect for the law. Only after that is accomplished, can a rational
      discussion about traffic laws begin.

      - TF

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