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  • Charles L. Morse
    Write your Rep and lets enforce the power of the voters . These guys wont get the job done if we don t demand results . A silent majority has no voice . A
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 13, 2007
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      Write your Rep and lets enforce the power of the voters . These guys wont
      get the job done if we don't demand results .

      A silent majority has no voice . A silent majority only leaves a happy
      minority .

      Pass their response back to you , as I have and election time . We will all
      know who is a man or woman of their word . Not just another empty promise
      paid for by the voters .


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      From: bart.gordon@...
      Date: 02/13/07 08:32:38
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      Subject: Re: WriteRep Responses

      February 13, 2007

      Charles Morse
      1839 Granville Hwy
      Gainesboro, Tennessee 38562

      Dear Charles,

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts
      with me on the serious problems in our
      nation's immigration system. Hearing from
      you helps me better represent Middle

      First of all, rest assured that I
      understand the impact illegal immigration is
      having on Middle Tennessee and the United
      States. Like you, I am deeply concerned
      with the state of our nation's international
      borders and I agree with you about the
      importance of enforcing our immigration

      In December 2005 the House of
      Representatives passed a strong bill to
      enhance border security and strengthen
      enforcement of our immigration laws. The
      bill included provisions for strong worksite
      enforcement and for the creation of a
      mandatory employment eligibility
      verification system. Unfortunately, last
      summer the Senate passed a drastically
      different immigration bill that contained a
      number of worrisome provisions, including a
      contentious proposal for a guestworker
      program that I believe was in effect an
      amnesty. The House and Senate leadership
      failed to come forward with an acceptable
      compromise before the end of the 109th
      Congress and, unfortunately, more than a
      year after the House passed its immigration
      bill, no legislation has yet been signed
      into law.

      I want you to know that I take this
      matter very seriously. I have worked hard
      to curb the rising number of people that
      enter our country illegally each year at a
      high cost to American citizens. I will
      continue this work in the 110th Congress. It
      is imperative that we address the serious
      problems in our nation's immigration system
      and that we ensure that any legislation
      passed by Congress is right for our country
      and right for Middle Tennessee.

      Thank you again for contacting me. If
      I may be of service to you or your family,
      feel free to call on me.

      Stay in touch,
      Member of Congress

      P.S. Sign up for E-News. Receive e-mail about important issues
      and services for your family. Just log on to my website at
      www.house.gov/bart, and click on "Subscribe to E-News".

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